Spatial Manipulation Toy

by ferdyp Oct 16, 2013
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Great fun. Everyone love this and asks me to make them one. Printed well and with a little sanding works like a champ.

Thank you

Thanks! I saw this on Thinkgeek a few weeks back and immediately thought "I can make that on a 3D printer!" - thanks for saving me the time of having to make the STL's!

A really cool toy. I've made it my Thing of the Week on my blog, http://3DGeni.us3DGeni.us:


Thanks for such a neat design! Any chance of thickening up the lugs just a little for a more secure fit?

From what I understand from your blog you scaled the model on the z-axis, which explains you problem with attachment.
I would advice not to scale the disc, but to sand the gap a little smoother and wider after printing.

My latest print as been al around the office, and still snaps together very firmly, while rotating freely.

Yeah, I only hit it somewhat right till the third try, it is a fun toy.

This version is awesome because you can print it without support and it seems to be more like the original too. IMO I think it might be better than the original. Good job! i'll be posting a pic of the one I printed shortly.

I just printed 2 and they fit too tight to move easily. It appears the pins or the slot need to be extended by a fraction of a millimeter.

Thank you for your feedback. The slot seems to be too narrow for another disc to fit easily. I will upload an updated version after my test print finishes, hopefully later today.

V2 is huge! What factor should I scale it down by?

I uploaded v3 in the correct scale, and softened the edges more. Starting to work quite well; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg3OO7-t1q4http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Excellent I'll check it out!

By 10% to have it 4mm in height.

Sketchup, the tool I used to model it, makes errors when I scale it smaller.