RCP 3x3x5 half proportional cuboid

by rcpongo Jul 9, 2016
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I make the 3x3x5 slice cube you designed and I really like it, I would like to make almost all of your puzzles but I'm having trouble modifying your center piece. I use OpenSCAD and no matter what I do I can't get it to render with your center piece imported. What software did you use to model these parts?

I don't want to buy a bunch of cubes to take apart, I would rather use exclusively 3d printed parts and the screws, washers and springs I already have.

This puzzle was modeled completely in Blender, and that would be the best option for editing these parts as well.

I can upload a core for printing later this evening.

Would this work with qiyi sail internals?

The core will fit, but The screws for sails are a bit longer so the puzzle may be a bit loose. The really good news is that only one piece needs to be adjusted if it doesn't fit (The inner center), and that piece is common to all my puzzles here.

What would I do to adjust it? Would I cut down the centers, extend them, or something else?

It really depends on the core and hardware you are using. A Sail should be very close to working, but it may be just a bit loose due to the longer screws. In that case all you would have to do is shorten the spring section of the center piece. I'd say go ahead and print it, and then see if you have an issue. I don't mind remaking a few pieces for you if needed because I really need to come up with a new center anyways, since Guanlongs have changed.

The most likely new puzzles for me to use as a new base are Sails and MF3R.

Ok i'll try it with the centers i printed out and let you know if it works.

i printed this in white pla and it worked out great i havent done any sanding yet but il be doing that over the next week.

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Do you know where I can get stickers for this? Does oliver sitckers have them?

I just uploaded some templates for the stickers. There is a .PDF format and a .DXF format. They are the same so you can just grab whichever works best for you.

Oliver or anyone with a cutter should be able to make them from those files, or you can print them out and try to cut by hand using the print as a guide. Also,... Oliver may already have a 3x3x5 half proportional set that should be a very close fit.

Hope That helps.

How difficult do you think it would be to make this fully proportional? Just curious

Very Easy! (Already done!)

I have some improvements for this puzzle that I need to post here. I can add the alternate extension pieces at the same time. I will post those up later this evening.

Awesome! Thanks in advance!

All part files have been updated. There is a new .zip in the files that contains the fully proportional version.

Sweet, thanks again...you rock! Not sure when I'll get around to printing it, but I can't wait.

No problem. I've been meaning to update these for a while, so this was just the kick I needed.

It's a lot of work, but less work than that Barrel X you just started. You'll hate me by the time you finish sanding that one.