Small items organizer

by cruzher Jul 10, 2016
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Hi. I really like your drawer design and the idea of so many smaller compartments. Just one doubt though, can you please share the drawer dimensions as I want to be sure before beginning to print. Thanks! :)

Hi! I couldn't find the drawers I wanted for your awesome organizer, so I made my own and have published it along with the openscad source. Find it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3238866. Even though it's marked as a remix, that's only to make it easier to find for people who looking for drawers. The cool thing is you can define the cells as [4,3,3,2] and it will make a row of 4 partitions, two rows of 3 partitions and a final row of 2 partitions. The rows are all the same depth, but that can be worked around as shown by a section of the .scad file. I hope someone finds it useful.

Thanks for the great project. It's really helping keep my office and shop neat and clean. :)

Customizable Parts Drawer
by telanoc

Im printing the frame now, and i thought the drawers needed more options... your's are great to complement the base design. Thanks!

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I modified the shelf file to remove most of the material from the back to save filament and shorten print time. I changed the circles to triangles "just cause". No real reason. I'd like to add some sort of interlocking ability for stacking them. Great project!

I like your design. I measured the dimensions of one drawer and made one of my own for resistors. It's still printing but here's what it should look like...

I'm printing this out but I also designed a project for storing small parts. I use it for mainly resistors. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2914199

Test Tube Rack for 12mmx100mm tubes (JeffCo)

Have printed 4 drawers so far, keep having issues at the layers where the floor changes to the walls of the compartments, some separation. Started at 35 ‰ infill and now at 100 and hasn't changed anything, also turned up the heat from 210 to 215. Printing at 0.35 layer height 60mm/s. Drawers take about 2.5hours and the case was like 10 hours. Case came out nice.

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Have you thought about including a 3d printed blank label? Seems like you could write on it with a marker or something. Seems like they would stay better than paper. Besides I have plenty of filament.. :)
They would be easy to remove stay as needed and flip them over when you want to change what they say.

Those are amazing. A bit long to print but worth the time.
Drawers slide very smoothly.
If I could propose improvements:

  • wholes on the bottom & back to save filament (some remix propose this already)
  • stackable design (some remix propose this already)
  • more rounded inside drawers to pick up small pieces easily
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100% infill seems like a lot... Reason for it?


This is to prevent a gap in the wall between the outer perimeters. Since the walls are only 2mm there is a risk for this. specially with a nozzle of 0.4mm.

Is the 100% infill required for the frame or the drawers, or both? Thanks!

I'd like to remix this but I can't find the original file? New to all this, is it right in front of me and I can't see it?

Hit the button saying "Thing Files"

Do you think it would still work if I shrunk it down a bit?


It would probably print fine for the most part except for the label-holders in front of the drawers. Since there only 1mm thick they might not print right, this is of course highly dependable on the slicer and printer.

~20 hours on an MK2

Just the shelf or the shekf and drawers? Did you use PLA?


whenever I print the shelf it prints the base but stops at the walls and starts grinding the fil. the others print fine, any suggestions?

I'd like to give this print a try, but when I use .2 resolution and 100% infill it says the print will take 28 hours. This is just the box, not the drawers. 28 hours? Is that how long it took you?
I'm using a .4mm nozzle and an Ultimaker 2 printer.

Cura gives me 17h53m on the recommended settings at 50mm/s print/150mm/s travel on a Wanhao I3 Duplicator Plus with standard PLA settings. .4 nozzle


The print time differs a lot due to all the settings, print speed mostly of course. So check your print speed settings. I haven't printed this for a while, but it didn't take me 28hours.

Hi, absolutely love this thing. Have printed two already.

  • Could we have a 3x1 or 1x3 as well? perhaps make the drawer customizable?
  • I faintly remember there being a version with one or two bottom slots twice as large. Could you make that also? meaning 4/5/6 drawers, but one or two of them twice or even three times the height. Thinking of larger parts here.

Thanks so much.


Drawer System II

150 mm3 is not an area. It's a volume. Very small. The author probably meant area 150*150 mm.

Hi, the author meant 150150150mm.
But you are correct, that doesn't add up. I'll change that.

Great Design. I would love the option with drawers double the height.

Hi. I've thought of this myself. I'll take a look at it as soon as I can :)

I have a remix of this that adds connectors so these wonderful units can be made modular and stackable!!! Please remember I have a work in progress and that this is Cruzher's wonderful design just modified a little.

I will upload a video to my remix when I have printed several units - but I do have a video from Sketchup that gives you an example of how it would work. Take a look here - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1862446

Cruzher Organizer - attachable
by Coogrrr

Doh... Wish i would have read this before I started my print

No Worries they are awesome little cubes that standalone too! Hope others look at my remix before they print as well, just in case they want to stack em!

Hi. What perimeter thickness and top/bottom thickness is recommended?

Hi, I had a 0.5mm nozzle and I used 2 parimeters and 3 solid top/bottom layers

Could you please add an 8 draw version.

Many Thanks.

Don't worry, I've drawn up my own. Thanks.

I've uploaded it to 'My Things'

Is there ever too many organizers? Hope to print this in a few...

Hi, you need a print volum of at least 150mm3