MP Select Mini Controller Board Fan Mount

by NF6X Jul 10, 2016
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This 100% works for incomplete layers! To get the Benchy in the attached photo, I had to fix the z-wobble, added a E3D v6 clone head, calibrated my extruder, and (worst of all) manually tuned the PIDs. This fan was what I needed to fix the last of the demons in this printer.

Thanks for coming up with this!

Made one of these to put in my printer. Nice design - a little bit of flex, but it's not holding up anything heavy so no worries there.

My only issue was not being able to find a local source for those standoffs...at least not a reasonably priced one. Ended up printing out my own that work pretty well.

I also used an old female 3 pin fan header and soldered it to the main 12V input so that I could swap fans without breaking out the soldering iron. Good thing too - turns out the 40mm fan I had lying around (pretty sure it's at least 10 years old, although it's just been sitting in a box for the last 9 years) is already on its way out. It spins, but the sleeve bearing inside is shot so it's annoying loud. Ordered a Fractal Design R3 40mm fan from Amazon and swapped it in...nice and quiet!

STANDOFFS-Nylon standoffs (3mm) are used in racing quadcopters extensively. Check readymaderc.com, getfpv.com, or hobbyking.com.

This is a public service announcement.

Link to the standoffs or can you add it to the thing files? Wish I could print the screws too. :)

I used McMaster-Carr part number 93655A015


Those look like standard PC motherboard mounting parts. True?

I don't recall seeing 16mm long PC motherboard standoffs before. Those are usually much shorter in my experience. You might screw a few together in series if you have lots of them sitting around.

Is this for a 30mm fan? My cheapo Import calipers indicate it might be. Did you have any issues with the thickness of the fan? I see fans available as both 7 and 10mm thick and wonder about the room available before hitting the top of the case under the print bed. Thanks WB9TWQ

It is for a 40mm fan. This is the specific one that I used:


My fan came in, so I'm thinking of printing the bracket soon, but I had a couple of questions first: Is this safe to print in PLA? (How hot does it get inside the case?) Would you be comfortable still using the stock power supply with the addition of this fan? Thanks!

I printed mine in PLA. I haven't measured the temperature inside the case, but I have not noticed any problems with my PLA-printed bracket. Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable using the stock power supply at all, given my bad experience with it! :)

Will this stop the thing from breaking down? my 3rd one is on the way.

Well, it won't keep the lousy power supply from blowing up again. And it won't keep the rusty thermistor lead from breaking inside the hot end. It won't even make the bearings last longer on the cheap extruder fan. But it might help prevent the stepper motor drivers from overheating during a long print. Good luck, and I hope that the third time's the charm!

i hope this one works..they got a little testy with me when i requested the last rma..
but hey, if they are gonna offer a 1 year warranty on a cheap printer.. then hey its not my fault

That's what they get for selling a cheap printer with poor QC. They apparently won't even post my non-flattering review of my experience; I've tried submitting it twice, first as a 2-star and then as a 4-star review (with nearly the same text), and it goes into a black hole. I've already upgraded to a much better printer, and I don't feel much temptation to buy from them again after this experience. Sigh.

What did you step up to?

MakerGear M2 with dual extrusion upgrade.

Yes, it creates a magic shield around your printer preventing all mishaps.

I love magic shields!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!