Native American Style Flute by 3d-ds Remix

by pianotinker Jul 10, 2016
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I have made two flutes in solid PLA, one at 100% and the other at 125% and they tune as mentioned to D and Bftm. I know have access to wood filler for printing and wonder if I should go with solid fill printing or with a suitable wall thickness. Has anyone experimented with the wall thickness and wood filler. Any help would be appreciated.

Very cool, and I picked this model because on my Tevo Tornado (CR-10 clone) I can get a larger scale than if printed flat on the bed. I did these two in the last 3 months of printing. The one on the left is the original file's 100% scale.

would love to hear a sample of how the two sound

Looks like you already did! Thanks for the comment on PooTube.

I have a lot of finish work to do on the big one still... it doesn't sound as good as it could. It's very heavy though... I'm planning to model a new one that's got a thinner cross-section for larger prints.

:-) I wasn't paying attention tot he name, didn't realize the video was you. I'm trying to build a flute with low tone (like a G# , GM , but I don't really know the mechanics of length and hole size, and my bed is only 210 x 210 and 205 high

You can get a bigger print and split the model up further by sinking it into the bed further, and flipping the second set over. Just enter a negative Z position value in cura or whatever your using. Kind of like the photo attached. You might have to be careful to make sure the holes match up correctly... unfortunately there's not a lot of great ways to measure an STL in the slicer programs. You can only get overall X,Y,Z in mm.

Anyways that's a monoprice select mini sized volume with the original flute size. With 200 mm height you should be able to get something quite a bit bigger.

Here's a site that goes into great depth on hole diameter, length, finger hole placement, etc... it will go into as much depth as you could ask for... https://www.flutopedia.com/index.htm

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excellent tip thanks, I'll let you know how it turns out