Boat Propeller

by byedesign Jul 11, 2016
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I am new to the 3d printing world. Recently bought a printer. I have some 3d models in PDMS/Rhino. However when I convert this to stl files, the print quality is not good. Can you please guide me on which software or process is good for converting 3d drawings to stl files. Thank you for your time. By the way, I am highly impressed by your work, real good stuff there...

Hello, I am using autocad software for making my files. Maybe there is a way in your software to make the 3d model smoother, if that is what you are referring to.

Hello; I have one boat is the sahft size 4mm. Can you sand me files for suit that, if possible:)

If you have a 5mm outer diameter brass tube with a 4mm inner diameter one, that should solve it.
Otherwise, what specific propeller do you want to have a 4mm hole?

Hi, how does the number of blades affect your boat propulsion?

Hello, usually the motor runs cooler and slightly more rpm when running with less blade.. I am just not sure if the pull is the same or better / worst

Alright. Thanks for the info.

Hello, it is possible to upload a variant for a 4mm shaft? I am currently using a drive dog for securing it, but I may be able to use a nut as well to fit with your design.

Hello, yes it is possible, just give me a little time. What size do you want to have 4mm? all of them? If you have a 5mm od brass tube with 4mm id that should also work.

I'm looking to have the inner diameter (the center hole where the drive shaft goes through) be 4mm, because that is the size of my drive shaft. I'd like a 2 blade prop with a relatively shallow cut. Not a huge outer diameter either. Not sure exact size but I know it must be less than 40mm.

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need a counter rotating version of this prop as well :)

if you are using cura, you can mirror / flip the propeller to make the counterotating prop

im looking for someone to make a custom prop for my trolling motor if youre up to it.

hello! how about you send me a message with your requirements. thanks!

Propeller pitch is the distance the propeller will travel in one rotation ie 50x50 ,50 mm dia by 50 mm pitch "or 50 mm forward in 360deg

thank you for that information, I thought it is more complicated than that.

have you posted your tugboat model?

the tugboat will still require some modifications and revisions before I can post it. I would also like to test it more in the water so that I can be sure it's a good design. I'll keep you posted.
you can see it here. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2678382