Baby's First Mace

by dutchmogul Oct 18, 2013
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Awesome! have someone printed in any softer filament? ?

I am so stealing the concept for a shave brush handle. After I print one of these for my 6m son.

I like it :)
because i have a little bigger https://goo.gl/dZIAvk

About to print http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1963936 to add pictures to my remix. Wanted to say thank you for the inspiration! I hope you like the idea!

Baby's First Scepter

I am printing with white abs from hatchbox and the mace head printed great..I am printing the pommel and cant seem to get the flat part below the ring to print nicely (i get some gaps and small holes)..even with supports..I am using matter control..printing both fine and normal quality. I have tried different temps started at 230 even 235 (got some browning of the filament so i stopped)..Printing at 225 now and it seems to be extruding well..Anyone have any ideas or ran into a similar issue? My printer is the Wanhau Duplicator i3 plus. tHanks in advance..Love the design.

Lol! Was this made using Tinkercad?

I wouldn't trust a baby with anything I have printed.

lol my thoughts at first.. but you're being to anal. PLA is safe. most is at leats.

You should use filament with food safe certification. Then it's fine for babies.

Which type of plastic did you print this with? Just curious, My only concern is that a baby will put it in its month so I'd like to make sure its safe before printing and giving it to a baby.

Oh, it's ABS. Same stuff Duplos/Legos are made of, so I'm sure it's safe that way.

I thought ABS was unsafe lol.

I mean, it's what Legos/Duplo are made out of. If you mean "food safe," it isn't, but that's because it's not water-tight (though it would be fine for something like a salt shaker).

Aww, I really like this one. I printed the closed head one, inserted the dice but when finished I could press the top knob in with my finger. Not something I'd give to a small child. Maybe It's because I printed it with a 0.5 nozzle?

I'd love to have one of these to give away :)


Perfect for my baby nephew in a couple weeks! Did the head require any kind of support?

Hey, awesome! No support needed on any of it. Post some pics if you print one!

Will do! Wanting to modify the handle STL a bit... thought it may be cool to emboss his name into it.

Aww that's so cute :)

Haha, thank you!

ah ah ah excellent one!
asking my wife to print me another baby now ;-)

I knew this one was a hit when i saw it!
well done! Really a fun design!

Derivatives I imagine that would be cool:
Bam Bam club rattle.
Thor hammer rattle.
Sonic screwdriver rattle.
Skeletor staff rattle.
head on a pike rattle.
rat rattle.
Ouroboros rattle.
beer keg rattle.
just for starters...

Thanks, Perry! Haha, a couple of those are actually on my list of ideas for other designs. I love the Thor's hammer though... that's happening for sure! I also like to think of this one as a Thanagarian Nth metal mace.

I think you just found a new product for Think Geek to make/sell!

Haha, man, I like that idea.