by Ferjerez Jul 11, 2016
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I've printed all the parts but nothing fits together! :(

did you accidently use supports on any part you wernt supposed to or not fully clean up the part or have blobs of plastic anywhere?

Nope.. All cleaned up, and no supports. The pins are all too large for the holes!

Not sure then as I have not printed this myself.you could try scaling the pins down a bit

I'll give that a go tomorrow. Thanks :)

The print instructions section says to adjust the flow settings. Did you mean lower it or raise it?

Looks great!, I wonder if a reinforced z axis was added to house/clamp a 3d pen how would that work? Might need to add a remote switch to the pen.

thanks! i think that for 3d pen will need to reinforce all the structure or print at higher scale but love the idea.

Perhaps move the paper instead? Might try to make a line printer out of this!

Comments deleted.

I wish I would have read the comments before attempting to print this. FOR SURE use the separate stl files. The ones grouped together have gaps, places that don't start printing until a few layers up, etc. You will walk away from your printer and return to a huge mess! I had much better luck with the separate files, but again...you'll have to pay very close attention to your settings and adjust them according to each individual piece for usable results. I think designing with printing in mind would beef up quite a few areas just for the sake of ease of printing. Also the "micro sketch" area makes that part fail every time for me.

Basically, pay very close attention to all settings if you don't want a mess.

Just a heads up, as I wish I would have read the comments first. Anyway...it's a great model and idea...so kudos to the designer.

I wish I could like this more times!!!

it looks like need z axis. and some stepper motors :D

Perfect as a gift for my little brother :)

Can you please make a .stl file for all_parts_seperated_update.zip?

i wonder that no one has made a cnc conversion of this jet

it is simple though

What are the dimensions of the printer you use? Cool thing!

Thanks! i have a print volume of 20x20x20 cms aprox. Enough to print all parts in one single print.

Mine is 15 x 15 x 15 cm. Is it big enough to print this in one print?

yes. you may need to orient diagonally the XY carriages. I don't remember the exact sizes, but i'm pretty sure that you can print it.

Comments deleted.

Thank you very much for the advice and the micro sketch!

no matter how I try to load this into repieter host it is broken and mostly missing. Ive never had this problem before, what could be different about these files? what did you export them with?

thanks for the answer and the thing. can't wait to have one for the rug rat


try with the separated pieces included in ZIP filled.
Good luck :)

Nevermind. It was the view settings in repeatier host. It was showing lines instead of faces. Thanks for your response and awesome thing

mmm... i don't know how to solve it. I use Cura Slicer and don't have this problem. Maybe you can try another slicer.


My apologies.there is no problem, it works perfectly. It was my error. Thank you again

great!! enjoy it!

All shells do not touch. sliced with s3d this print never made it to the machine... :(

try with the separated pieces included in ZIP filled.
Good luck :)

Thanks! This was fun! Its also a great teaching tool to show people how a printer works without the z axis :)

Gran diseño, saludos desde Madrid.

Gracias! Saludos desde las islas afortunadas. :)

could you upload all of the parts together

Thanks for sharing. I think I will print one for my son :)

And your english is not that bad at all in comparison to the rest of the spanish people ;)

Una cerveza grande, por favor :D

The base does not slice properly in S3D for me. The pegs on the base print as holes in the base at first, then it prints the pegs, but slightly above the holes. Trying sliced with Cura and printing right now and coming out proper.

Someone tell me about this issue with S3D too. It's solved in the STL's included as separated parts in ZIP file. Try slicing the separated parts.
Happy printing!

Ahh.. So that's what the details about the separate parts meant. I understand. Thank you.

A stepper-motor variant of this would be neat.

Yeah! I hope arduino makers can do it. I am totally noob on arduino and electronics but this design could be a good draft for some kind of cnc.

Awesome. And your english is probably better than mine. Although schools here in the US are crappy as hell.

hehe. Thanks!! :)

Excellent! Another "old school" toy brought back for new generations to enjoy!

This is fantastic!!! Your designs (and English!) are excellent!

I wonder how long it will take until somebody has the idea to mount a hot plastic 3d repair stick on it and starts drawing base layers :)

Was thinking the same thing :p

hehe. it would be epic

¿Y cómo consigues la adhesión perfecta sin que se te levanten las piezas?
¿Usas algún método para evitar el warping con la hephestos 1? ¿Cama caliente, laca, raft, etc...?

Laca marca Nelly. La recomendaba BQ en sus foros y a mi me va bien. Si la pieza tiene poca base le puedes añadir un Brim con el programa que uses como slicer.

No tengo cama caliente y solo uso PLA para imprimir, no se si el ABS tendrá algún truco para mejorar adhesión o evitar warping

Could you post how to assemble it? I am having trouble with how to get it all together.

there's a PDF in files with instructions. Hope you find it useful

Comments deleted.

Buenas, por aquí un español. Tengo la Hephestos 2. He estado leyendo tus indicaciones de la descripción, pero por si acaso,¿algún consejo de última hora para imprimir esto? Saludos!!!!

A mi me ha ido bien con esos parámetros de impresión en la Hephestos I. Supongo que el resultado en la II será similar.

En cualquier caso, para poder encajar bien las piezas y en general para cualquier impresión con partes que tengan que encajar, es conveniente ajustar el flujo (flow) en el software de impresión. Yo hago pruebas con esto: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1662342 y por lo general uso fujos de entre 75 y 90%. (varía según el color y marca del filamento, por ejemplo el azul de BQ suelta mucho plástico y le reduzco el flujo hasta un 75% mientras que para el naranja de Smartfil uso un 90%).

Algunos slicers (yo uso Cura 2) tienen un parámetro 'Horizontal expansion' para compensar el 'crecimiento' de la pieza en la horizontal. Puede que te sea útil.

Suerte imprimiendo!!

Expansion / Flow Calibrator

So does the X-Carriage move the entire paper?

Yes, fix the paper in X-carriage with a bit of tape

I'm trying to print this one piece at a time and I notice that there is multiple meshes in some of the parts. Simplified 3D doesn't know how to render these parts.

Some pieces are exported without merging. 'separating' from software (cura, repeater) it's not a good idea.
Maybe i'll re-upload pieces fully merged.

Meanwhile you can use the ZIP file provided, it contains all parts separated in one-piece files. Hope you find it useful

I am currently using the parts in the ZIP file provided. I was working my way down the list of parts.

I got stuck at "cover_x_carriage.stl"

What's the problem with this file???
maybe i can help

When I go to slice the STL in Simplified 3D it breaks the part up into separate pieces.


well. i've merged all parts in the separated files and reupload as 'all_parts_separated_update.zip'.
Hope this solve your problem

ok, I've merged all parts inc 'cover_x_Carriage.stl' and reuploaded the ZIP file.

re-download the ZIP and try. If this is the solution, please tell me and i'll merge all pieces and reupload the ZIP file.

I don't use Simplified 3D, i use Cura and didn't notice this issue.

Yes, that was it! That's perfect, the parts should print just fine now. I can confirm on Monday for you.

great!!, check the new ZIP file, i've merged all parts :)

mmm.. i understand....
i'm gonna re-export to STL merging all parts. in a few minutes i'll reupload the zip file.

lovely. but is there a way to modify the pen holder for making it without supports?
a hole can be printed without but that lever thing won't..

mmm... maybe reorienting the 'lever'...or redesign with other angle...

Try with the separated files.lever it's in the 'pen_holder_retraction.stl', maybe reorienting in your slicer software.
I printed separated at 0.1 resolution and supports, and the supports are easy to remove

Very cool - can't wait to make one!