FlashForge Finder External Spool Holder

by mroberte Jul 12, 2016
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how do you like your Flashforge Finder? I'm thinking about getting one and wanted to hear the cons if any. thanks!

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The Finder was my first 3D printer, and so far the quality and ease of use is unmatched by anything I've used since. Their customer service is also amazing.

Do you think you could make a mount for the filament detector so that it can still be used?

What is the detector?

The black thing inside the built in spool holder that detects when the filament is about to run out. You would need to create a mount for it and then run wire jumpers back to the contacts in the back of the machine. Then you can turn the filament detection on and not have to worry when your away from home on a long print.

Ahh, I understand, however, I just visually account if the print will use up more filament than is on the spool.

Works perfectly. Thank you.


Link is in the summary.

Thank you for this! Just bought some black filament from AIO Robotics (Flashforge has been sold out of black for months), and when the spool came, it was too big. At first I tried looking for empty Flashforge spools, and re-spooling it, but it was going to end up being around $10 just to get an empty one, and none of my other 5-6 are close enough to being empty just to wait. Printing a new spool wouldn't have been easily achievable due to the large flat overhangs. Printing this out now (in red so it matches the printer because why not). Says it should take about 2 and a bit hours to print (low quality).

How is the Filament guide working?

Works great for me. Just have the spool unload from under and all should be good.

Do you have the file for the filament guide?

Link is in the description.

Where do you put the supports to print this?

If using Forge Finders software, which can make auto supports. It will make supports on the inside of the spool holder. HTH.

The auto-generated supports put supports inside the spool holder as well as from the raft to the surface the spool holder is on. Is there an easy was to get those apart or print without the bottom supporting bits?

You can just rotate it by 180 degrees so that portion doesn't have the support inside the tube portion. But will require more filament to be used to print longer support for the other side - hope that makes sense. If you print the original way, you should be able to use a screwdriver to knock all the supports out fairly cleanly - thats how I could get them out.

I am. I have a long print going now but I will do this next. Thank you for making this!