Airbrush cleaner pot

by AkaSilentCreed Jul 12, 2016
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What do you use for air filters?

The ones I have used have been particulate filters i've cut up from the local hardware store. They are not rated for picking up toxic chemicals but with the water in the pot it has proved effective in my use. Pots are by no means a replacement for proper respratory protection.

Awesome, I was seriously about to go buy one, now I'm going to print it. :)

Pretty cool thing here.. it has a few issues though.

As mentioned, the holder for the airbrush is a strange shape that doesn't fit standard airbrushes very well rather than being a universal one. You can even see that clearly in the photos here that there is gaps on the sides and the airbrush just doesn't rest well in it. Other thing is the cap for the filter is way too thin. The part where the holes are needs to be atleast triple the thickness it is currently to keep from splitting it when taking it on and off. It is currently almost paper thin and has no reason to be that thin.

The size of it though is perfect for 84mm jars (that should prob be listed in the description, not sure if is.)

Someone else mentioned having issues with the airbrush holder detaching... not sure about that but mine printed with gaps on both sides of it but I believe that is because of the supports I used for that area.. not sure.

Overall its a cool model but needs improvement. :)

BTW: I am aware of the files you included for people to mess with but my comments are regarding the current form.

Printed the container and found the cap a very tight fit with the added cups. Adding another 1mm gap should be sufficient, but I simply sanded down the corners on the cap a bit. Must say I really like the design of this little air filter holder. I also found the brush holder to print with a very weak base. When it turned out that I needed a slightly different design to fit my brush it was quite easy to just pry the entire dome-thing off by hand. Perhaps the holder could be glued on part to allow different pen designs (e.g., cup to the side, cup on bottom lower)? Thanks.

Hrm I did not have any of these issues. I am glad you were able to overcome any challenges.

Please note that the 123d files that I have included allow for you to make whatever revisions you like fairly easy. I attempted to make the nozzle port universal but knew someone may need to adjust for their specific needs.

Nice job mate . Thanks for taking the time.

Thank you. Not a problem.