Makies Jack-O-Lantern

by Makies Oct 18, 2013
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AWESOME for halloween! 3D Printed Jack O' Lantern! I put a remote controlled LED light in it to illuminate the pumpkin and it looks awesome! Check out my timelapse video of the print https://youtu.be/0XTRQ2_ECFU

3D Print Settings:
Layer Height = 0.30mm
Print Speed = 60 mm/s
Nozzle Temp = 200 deg C
Bed Temp = 60 deg C
Fill Density = 20%

I have printed and opened the mouth. it is so cool. Now to prepare a lttle board for blinking LED.
Thanks for sharing!!

Hi Makies,

May I used yor design for a charity project?

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I printed in white rather than orange, and with the battery operated orange flickering tealight they looked awesome.

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Hi Makies,

i was wondering if you or someone else might make some inserts for the eyes? maybe friction fit and about as thick as your mouth is... i made a robo eye version and if the eye sockets were black i would make cutouts for the matrix and that would make it look really cool.


Whats the best way to improve the print quality around the bottom layers? I tried supports but it still looks like it's going out of shape.

Any ideas?

run it at a slow speed

Thanks, I'm trying a new one now at a lower speed for the bottom bit with the issues

You can tell your slicer to print slower till it is past the troubled layers then back to normal speed

Yeah that's what I did.. It came out better but far from perfect. :)

I printed on at 60% of the original size on an M3D in orange PLA. I used a raft, support, high quality (200 microns layer height), low infill, and 190C temp and it came out great.

Nice Thanks for ur Drawing!

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hi great looking pumpkin.im having touble printing this out.did 2 small ones that turned out ok but the fulll size keeps on failing on me my makerbot mini stops extruding after layer 20 in colour orange.i tried with supports but still stoped extruding.could u give me some help wy this is happening thanks.

Printed on my 3uP, no supports, little tough at the bottom (due to the overhang angle) at .3175 layer thickness, if I change it to 1mm then it prints really well with no supports, but takes forever, I am quite satisfied at the .3175 layer thickness and no supports.

Great model!!

I guess you mean 0.1 mm

Hi we are a 3D Printer reseller and we were wondering if we could use your jack o lantern model as a free download on our website for Halloween? Thank you.

Hello Makies

I remixed this without the Mouth, feel free to check it out! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1073761/edit

"Makies Jack-O-Lantern" without the Mouth

Printed well in Makerbot's Orange Filament. So cool to see what can be made from our polymer!

I remixed this with the Inception top, feel free to check it out! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1062770

Pumpkin Top Remix

My girlfriend made this in 90% scale in purple and put a LED inside and she is in love with it! She plans on making more. Perfect for halloween lovers!

I found this just in time for Halloween. I printed one in orange and the stem in green. Really looks great. I also have some LEDs that flicker like a candle when hooked to a 3v battery so I put one inside. I didn't use the tea light, I have a battery holder for the LilyPad that I put battery in and soldered the LED to. This is a nicely designed, excellent item and looks great with the LED flickering.

The stem broke off mid print on mine. Body is doing fine with support.

I'm having a tough time printing the body. The outline of each layer of the body curls up and as it got higher, eventually it printed in mid air because the layer below it is actually curled into the center of the pumpkin. I'm on layer 22 now, and it seems to have corrected itself (each layer is flat instead of curled up on the outside). Any tips on how to avoid curling? The lid worked fine, no issues there and they're printed at the same time. Thanks in advance!

We generated supports for this when printing on the Makerbot. The test print without the supports failed like yours.

Any chance you could post the top piece as 2 pieces for dual extrusion? green stem would be divine

Failed to print twice on my Ultimaker. Unfortunatelly the base is too small and the print gets detached right after printing the nose, never got higher :(

i upgraded my cr-10 with a lokbuild surface. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Dindustrial&field-keywords=lokbuild

no more tape or hairspray... and i never have a detachment. if i do it is usually cause of bed out of level.

Level you're bed good and use a glue stick. You will see that it will hold, and print very good!

We generated supports when printing on the Makerbot to fix this.

Find my "solar" lid in remixes...scaled it to 222% (it´s Halloween even here in germany...) to fit it in the most printers...Just take the solar unit of a solar powered garden lamp like you can find at Walmart etc fpr 99 Cent, put it in the openeing of the lid...that´s it! Useful also for using "real" tea candles...looks better than just the open pumpkin!
Enjoy 3d halloween!

Awesome!!!!! I just got translucent orange PLA in the mail, can't wait to print this out!

I'd rather use a candle though...