Pokemon GO Team Badge / Necklace

by ClassyGoat Jul 13, 2016
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Hi, I'd like to ask that you please remove the Team Harmony logo as the original creator Seoxys6 has stated many times that she does not want it redistributed anywhere, or possibly sold as she has her own shop for merch and its her design. Thank you in advance.

They look really cool ! =D Good job !! I'll certainly print one to make a phone charm ! X3

These are awesome! What layer does the logo start and background end? I want to try to do a 2 color print.

It depends on the layer thickness you choose in your slicing software. I recommend slicing in the layer thickness you want, then look at the gcode layers and see. Most slicing software gives you a preview of each layer.

Thanks for making these. Since pokemon go is so popular My robotics team is thinking of standing outside a pokestop and selling these. Just wanted to know if you are okay with this.

You have my permission.

Thanks, I was wondering how much is a fair cost for these

If you simply print them and sell them as is, I'd say $2 each.
If you attach a safety pin to the back with hot glue so people can wear them, I'd say $3 or $4 would be fair.

Personally, I just give them away for free but then tell people if they have anything else they'd like printed, I can help them for a small fee ;-)

Hi, awesome models, what print settings did you use to get them to fill so nicely? Especially interested in the extrusion width.

They were printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2
Sliced using MatterControl
0.3mm layer height
100% extrusion width (0.4mm nozzle diameter)
100% infill

Hope that answers your question!

So if I understand the licensing correctly, I can modify and or sell these items so long as I give you credit as their designer?

I'm not really sure exactly how the Thingiverse official licensing thing is worded, but I honestly don't care if you give me credit or not. Feel free to modify, sell, and distribute these models as you'd like. As long as the Pokemon trainers of the world are getting badges, then I am happy :-)

hey your design is great
question.. can I sell a print of this to my friends

If they are your friends, you should really give them away for free! But I understand that 3D printers and filament aren't free, so I give you permission to sell them at a fair price.

Thank you im offering them 5 dollars with handpainted colors for the logo and the background. Ill be sending my creation picts here.

I'm going to hand a few of these out. I have been taking my kids around playing and gave people character figures and told them we printed them.