Photo Sweep Stand infinity backdrop

by mistertech Jul 16, 2016
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what is the clip for??

It's a spring. Look at the photos for installation placement. It's to apply pressure to keep the larger jaws closed. Plastic isn't very resilient. I needed to add the spring clip to help keep the jaws closed on the paper.

Yes you can. Works with most paper sizes.

Can you use A3 paper with this?

Nice design. Printed out perfectly.and although its a little difficult to get the paper in, it holds good with the clips. Thanks.

Have yet to see any number of posts that this thing actually functions. I've now wasted 2 prints/tries and this thing either does not open properly on the ends, or I'll need to borrow someone's ninth and tenth octopus hands to try to hold the end, the paper from sliding, then grab the clip, then clip it and god forbid anything moves or you must start all over.

Loved the look of this on paper (pun intended) but I cannot make it hold properly using this design.

I'm sorry that you're having trouble.

If you look at the "makes", a couple of people have made it successfully. I'm not sure what the issue is without seeing the print. Can you post pictures?

I've found to insert the paper, I hold open the clamp with one hand and insert the paper with the other from the side. I don't slide the paper down from the top. It's much easier inserting the paper from the side (I start by inserting at the bottom, where the paper bends and the walk it all the way in until you get it up to the clamp. With practice, you can get it completely set up in 20 seconds or so.

One other thing. I printed mine in PLA. I think the ABS will be too brittle for the "spring" portion especially.

I'm definitely interested. I'll wash it through Microsoft and upload the files. Hopefully that helps.

Models are broken for me, there's a significant gap between where the paper would clip and the main body of the print.

Edit: creator got me fixed up, he's cool

Which slicing engine are you using? I used Slic3r. I can try to run the files through Microsoft's tool to fix any potential errors.

Not slicing, just importing it into my FlashForge FlashPrint. I haven't ever seen an issue like this before. I could take a screencap if you're interested. I tried it a couple different times, too.

I uploaded "repaired" files. They are in 3MF format (that's the only format Microsoft's repair tool will output). Your printer should be able to see them and print them. Hopefully they print better for you. Please let me know. thanks.

My program doesn't accept that file format, unfortunately. This is what I'm seeing right after I import either the left or right sweep: http://imgur.com/a/S8ZEZ

It looks perfect to me. The part that is not attached just has to be physically installed manually to look like the pictures I've posted.

Oh I see. Could you post those two pieces separately then? Thank you. My printer had a bit of a seizure trying to print that, I didn't notice it the first time.

All set. I have posted 3 new files which have the right and left with no spring and then just print the spring file twice.

Thanks a bunch man. I'll give this another go tomorrow.

Looks very simple. I'll be giving this a shot soon, nice design.