Anti-Backlash nut mounter/adapter - TR8

by dintid Jul 25, 2016
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Works great here. Thanks!

After this mod (Which I love), I find that it clashes with the Spool holder clip and it has to be removed. Is there any way around that? or a spool holder that you use in particular / would recommend to print. Cheers :)

Thank you for your comment :)
I must admit I never thought about the Spool Holder clip, as I never used that one.
I use a filament holder I made myself http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1775818

It's a remix of another holder I made http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1396652, which in turn is a remix of another maker :)
I posted this last link as you can see some photos on how I have it mounted on back of my printer. Newest version is much optimized, but they look pretty much the same at a glance.

Ultra Flat Filamentholder
by dintid
Flat Filament Spool Holder - No spring- The Claw remake
by dintid
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This is a great idea! My ultimaker 1 had a lot of problems with this nut, but eventually i fixed it in place similar to what you did, and it seemed to help a lot! Do you think the anti backlash protection is really necessary on the bed though? The bed's weight should provide enough anti backlash protection, don't you think?

Do you raise and lower the nozzle during printing?

Antibacklash: Maybe.. a bit, yes, but it's also helping against horisontal slop.

If you watch the video I linked you can clearly see the difference. Also in the vertical axis... bed does fall down, but it's better if it is pulled down when it should and not fall down a little later.

I raise and lower nozzle all the while when printing.. z-hop on retract and when hotend moves over the print.. so many many retracts and z-hops all the time.

I found this one recently https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1Set-8mm-TR8-8mm-Lead-Screw-Trapezoidal-ACME-w-Anti-Backlash-Nut-CNC-3D-printer-spare/32743972772.html and just recieved it, but it doesn't seem to fit TR88 nor TR82, so I'm awaiting their answer on it.