Ultra Ball - Fully Functional PokeBall with Button and Hinge

by MrFozzie, published

Ultra Ball - Fully Functional PokeBall with Button and Hinge by MrFozzie Jul 16, 2016
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Barnacules printed this PokeBall go check out his video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SkTL3rZV00

UPDATE: 27th September 2016

  • Added a 3mm Hinge Pin file for those who wish to use the 3mm hinge for a stronger hinge but have a 1.75mm filament printer. Can also be used if you would rather print a pin to the right shape rather than use filament.

UPDATE: 24th August 2016

  • The 1.75mm Inner Shells have had their holes widened from 1.8mm to 2mm as requested by many people so that 1.75mm filament should hopefully now fit! (Sorry it took me so long to do this)

UPDATE: 19th July 2016

  • Due to tolerance issues surrounding the Outer Button I have made one with a much larger tolerance meaning it should be easier to assemble. Having seen a few makes now I strongly reccoment you Print 'Outer Button Smaller' unless you have a lot of confidence in your printers accuracy. (I added this to the assembly instructions so that people who do not read this should still be okay)


Fully functional UltraBall made to be an exact replica of the real thing! Uses only 3D printed parts and super glue yet has fully functional hinge and button which presses in and unlocks a catch to allow you to open it, using the flex in the plastic to act as a spring. Hinge opens to 90 degrees and stops like the real thing and does not stick out the back so cannot be seen, also just like the real thing. The button also hides its own mechanism from view adding to the authenticity. Parts have notches and grooves to ensure perfect alignment while glueing allowing you to have a perfect model with ease.

I believe this to be the most accurate and easy to print UltraBall you can make with a 3D printer so print your own and get catching Pokemon! Even the stand looks like a PokeBall from above.

Other PokeBall lids available and more coming soon including (see picture):
PokeBall - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1615753
Great Ball - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1677042
Master Ball - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1794489
Timer Ball - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1794410
Net Ball - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1794277
Quick Ball
Heavy Ball
Luxury Ball
Premier Ball
Nest Ball

So check back regularly to get them as they come out and if you have a favourite not on the list let me know and I will try my best to get it designed and made as fast as I can!


Do not use a raft as parts are not prone to warping and make clean up harder, I do use a brim however to aid adhesion.

Instructions as follows:

Print all parts with support touching build plate.
Remove support, however the PokeBall has been designed to hide all supported surfaces, so they should be hidden from view so a smooth finish is not vital for it to look good.
Print the lids with the dome side up like an igloo.
Print the 'Inner Shells' the other way up like a bowl.
Print the 'Button' with the flat surface on the build plate.
Use 3mm or 1.75mm filament as a hinge pin and shape to fit smoothly as in the pictures so it follows the same curve as the back of the ball.
Do a dry fit of all the parts.
Super glue the lids to their respective 'Inner Shells'.
Place the 'Button' inside the 'Outer Button Smaller' with the two bumps positioned downwards to fit into the 'Inner Shell Bottom' and super glue the 'Outer Button Smaller' to the 'Inner Shell Top' being careful not to glue the 'Inner Button' in place as it must be able to be pressed.
Insert the hinge pin attaching the two halves together and glue in place also taking care not to glue the hinge in a fixed position.
You will need:

1x Lid Yellow
1x Lid Black
1x Inner Shell Top (choose filament size and with or without support)
1x Inner Shell Bottom (choose filament size and with or without support)
1x Button
1x Outer Button Smaller
1x Stand (optional)
Super Glue
If you have problems with supports or printing let me know and I will do what I can to help. The tolerances are also quite tight as this works on my printer, let me know if you have problems with this.

Happy Printing and Go Catch Them All!

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ABS and vapor smoothing, no painting, glass smoothe ...

I seem to be having issues printing the yellow part of the lid. The 4th corner always seems to break off about 25% of the way into the print. Doesn't matter if I add more or less support. :-( Anyone else having issues with this part of the model?

By breaking off do you mean coming off the build plate?

I use a raft to hold the 4 bases of the part to the build plate. The corner will build up about 1/2" high, build about 1/4" of stringy layers on top and then, yes the corner will finally fall off the built plate. I am not sure if that is happening because the extruder catches the stringy part of the build or something else. Not sure why it starts printing stringy, perhaps the leg is getting wobbly or instable. Odd that it is always the top right corner of the part. The other 3 corners look perfect when I pull the failed build out.

It sounds like a combination of the warping on the overhang causing the nozzle to knock it each time it passes over it and the small surface area making it easy to knock over, it may be the same corner as that one may have the least cooling and warp the most, i would recommend trying to form some of your own support in meshmixer or a similar program to hold the legs in place while it is printing.

Some part of the bottom edge of the top lid is too thin. I am using Simplify3D for slicing and around 1cm of the edge is missing.
Can you do a version with slightly thicker edge? Thanks

I see what nozzle size are you slicing with?

I am slicing with 0.3mm nozzle

Which bit do you mean specifically? Is it where the yellow section goes? I think i accepted it would just bridge this section and not be visible in the end.

Having some issues trying to slice "Inner_Shell_Bottom_1.75mm", it seems not all the "Faces" of the mesh are facing the right way and when I try to run in threw Repitier Host it tries to slice the empty space in the middle of the frame rather than the frame itself.

When Sliced> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ep9x5prp1b1ht16/ss%2B%282016-07-26%2Bat%2B09.41.41%29.jpg?dl=0
Faces before Slice> https://www.dropbox.com/s/gub7tjciuattv93/ss%2B%282016-07-26%2Bat%2B09.37.45%29.png?dl=0
Oddly the top Half is behaved> https://www.dropbox.com/s/wmzq4flyc13in8e/ss%2B%282016-07-26%2Bat%2B09.28.56%29.png?dl=0

Still fairly new to 3D printing but I'm going to attempt to fix the issue myself but I thought I'd let you know about the issue just in case awesome work otherwise!

Edit: ran it threw Blender and used "Recalculate Outside" seemed to be playing nice now, Yay.

Thanks for letting me know it is always useful to get this sort of information. I am glad you got it sorted I will still look into this and see if I can make it easier in the future. Hope you have a good time printing it!

Wow you saved me some time here thought by already making ultra balls and grate ball remixes.... I expect masterball is coming?

The Master Ball has been 95% designed, I am working on the tolerances at the moment, I will not be able to print it myself for a while but if you wish I can do what I have done with the Ultra Ball and Great Ball and upload the files for those who want it? I will make the Master Ball my next priority.

I just assumed you were making it. If you don't (and I print the pokeball and find it is what I want) then I would just remix it myself. Like I said, I have experience making all sorts of different pokeballs. I have a dusk ball, master ball, ultra ball, great ball, love ball, dive ball, and luxury ball up on my profile, remixed from the "with magnetic clasp". I have the first week in august off. Ill probably try to tinker then.

I am and it will be uploaded, all the ones on the list have been started, it is a metter of finishing them, making sure tolerances are okay and making sure they print okay before uploading. I have viewed all your pokeballs a number of time you have done a very good job recreating all tht ypes of pokeball, feel free to play with the design all you want.

Will be printing this tomorrow Fozzie. Will update with a make!

Thanks that will be much appreciated!

Does anyone have assembling instructions?

There are some assembly instructions in the descriptions for the original pokeball

having and issue assembling the button! silly I know but which way is the outer button (ring) supposed to face? I have printed all parts but need to make time to clean, sand and paint.

Have you looked at the original pokeball with the exploded view? The button should fit inside the outer button and be almost flush so the flat side of the outer button should be facing the inside of the ball, I hope this helps and if not just let me know and I will try to explain clearer.

I'd like everyone to know that this pokéball is NOT fully functional. Yes it opens, which is great, but it does NOT capture wild animals as intended. 3/10

I am sorry it is not working for you, as it is a Pokeball it was designed for wild Pokemon, as far as I know it does not work on wild animals but let me know if you succeed in this.

So I take it you have printed one out and tested it? Why haven't you posted a 'Made One' of it yet? :D