Hellsing Ultimate - The Jackal

by Snorri Jul 19, 2016
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Hi, do you have/would you be willing to share a CAD file with all the parts assembled? I want to adapt the file for output to a CNC router as one object.

How did you paint it? I tought that you put some primer after you sanded it a little then you painted with acrylics:

how many grams of filament are needed to print both guns?

Is there any possible way you can post the instructions on assembly please? im too stupid to figre it out XD

Come on :D ! Really ? Look at all the pics and the makes, if you still dont understand where one part goes tell me which one and I'll explain.

Any chance of having the right hand cannon pieces (cannon_2 and cannon_4) having the writing also to match the left side? Readable not mirrored? I'm printing parts for this awesome gun and looked up footage and it seems to have it on both sides.

so what are the holes on the backs of each of the parts for? i assumed it was for a dowel-like thing for connecting the parts but they are not included in the files.

did you print a dowel to connect them?

1:1 scale?
also looks awesome

also can I make it fit a airsoft gun?

1:1 scale, or any scale you want it's 3D printing after all :)

Made into an airsoft gun ? Maybe with a lot of work I dont know :)

Isn't this a "No Derivatives License"? That means the maker owns the files, and you can only print what he/she provides and not alter the files in any way. (legally at least) Benchy is under the same license and look at all the Derivatives of that! :) I just wish people would respect the makers licensing of their hard work and not alter them.

The Files do not show the lettering as part of the model. Did you update it? or do these images here simply not show it?

Comments deleted.

So is the lettering depressed in the model or will that have to be done by hand?

Look at the model ;) the lettering is part of the 3D model

Thank you, I have been looking all over for these guns!
If you don't mind telling me, what post processing method did you use to make them look so good in the picture?

I'm happy you liked it :)
Post processing :
-Sand all part individualy
-Assemble and glue, fill the gaps with wood filler.
-spray paint 2 coats (use masking tape to paint the metal parts)

To get the text white just fill it with something white, paint, epoxy or glue + a lot of white pigment (I think flour/chalk + super glue should work fine)