Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Folger Tech Sliders and Carriage Remix for Limit Switch Micro Adjustment

by GeoDave Jul 16, 2016
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How are you doing there,
you are missing a file, the one for the end-stop sensor holder, and that is the one I would like to make, you think that youcan provided that file ?

[email protected]

There is a link to that limit switch in the next to last paragraph of the description. Here it is again: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1673347

I have an updated Slider & carriage combined as one part & it also has a belt tensioner in the design. No wire ties or tensioning springs are needed: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2066916

Folger Tech Kossel Mini Endstop Bracket Remix
by GeoDave
Combo Slider Carriage & Belt Tensioner for FolgerTech Kossel 2020
by GeoDave

Nice roller carriage!
A request, please can you make a version with M6 hole instead M5?
I see this slider is "19.35mm" in Z, please can you round up that value to 20mm?


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I am not sure what the 19.35mm you are referring to. The hole patterns for mounting the carriage measure 20mm when I look at the .STL files in a CAD program. That is the only 20mm I can think you are referring to. I also came up with a better nuttrap for the rod screws, but have not finalized that design yet. I took a quick look at making the sliders work for M6 & looks like it should be easy to do. I used 10mm countersunk holes for the M5 Philips flat screws I am using. I do not have any M6 screws to check but from http://www.spaenaur.com/pdf/sectionR/R11.pdf , M6 heads are 11mm & would have to make that hole at least11.5mm for clearance. Without changing the outside profile design that would probably make the walls a little too thin. Changing the profile should be fairly easy to do though, so I will look at closer this weekend. There is also a newer version of this design locaded: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1793640 & that will be the one I update.

Folger Tech Sliders and Carriage Remix V2
by GeoDave
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Hi Dave, yes, S3D show me 19.25mm z, dunno why, if printed is 20mm is good... :P
The new version linked come with the hole 6mm, right? Or 5?
But the countersunk is only 10mm, i've 6mm screw here, same design, soon i give you the right size.

I created a slider that should work for you. There are 2 STL files & 1 openscad file with the names:

Since I have not tested these, if you need to change the size of M6 holes, the variables to change in the openscad file are:
M6 = 6.5; //M6 Hole Diameter
M6Head = 11.5; //M6 Head Diameter (10mm for M5),11.5mm for M6
M6_res = 28; //Resolution of M6 Bolt
M6Head_Res = 52; //Resolution of M6 Countersunk Heads

I did not get around to updating the carriage design yet.
Here is the link to that newer version again. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1793640

Folger Tech Sliders and Carriage Remix V2
by GeoDave

You are the Man!
Thanks Dave, print tomorrow, i keep you informed...

Hey. I wanted to ask how is this carriage working? Is the white plastic on bearigs durable? I found some bearing like that on ebay. It sais it is POM coated. Thanks

The carriages & sliders work pretty good for me. I changed the carriage design a little to give better clearance of the belt passing thru, but have not replaced them yet. I will probably reprint the sliders also to give me a little more height. What is POM coating?

That is some plastic. It is used in bearings or some gears are made from it too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyoxymethylene. I found on ebay thate there are two types. With nylon or POM coating and don't know which would be better

These are apparently nylon wheels. Here is the link to the replacements for the Folger Tech. https://folgertech.com/products/nylon-roller-wheel-used-on-rev-b-kossel If I build another delta, I would probably go with V-slot Delta-Six style from openbuilds.com builds & use a 32bit controller & better hotend. That said, prints from this delta have come out surprisingly better than my Maker Farm Prusa i3v 10". I built the Folger Tech to get my feet wet in the Delta style printers without spending a lot of money.