Ikea Tape Measure

by thistof Jul 16, 2016
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One possible development would be to upgrade the tab. A commercial tapemeasure actually allows it to slide along the tape, just by its own thickness, nothing more, to allow for that when you're measuring under tension or compression. It might be a littlr deeper, too, to provide more of a catch to hold against whatever you're measuring - perhaps just a couple of lugs, to allow for a curve.

I'm not sure I follow what you're saying. Why not make your own remix!

Once I've done it, perhaps - but that could take a while, I've a lot of other things to do first. In the mean time, my pearl of knowledge, freely shared is:
There's a reason the end tab on a flexible steel tape slides just a tad, and it's not poor manufacture - it's the opposite, it slides by exactly its own thickness, so if you're mesuring a distance butted up to something, it measures with the tab slid in, whereas if you're measuring from the far edge of something, with the tab hooked over it, then you still want the tab out of the way, but this time in the opposite direction, slid out. So it slides. Yours could too.
I'm full of very specific facts like that, sorry. They can be useful, which is why I keep them, because I therefore know how to use a rule properly.

Oh wow, I never even noticed the tab on tape measures slides! I just checked my steel tape measure and it does slide to compensate for the thickness of the tab. Good to know!

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I think you lost me again =)
Reminds me a little of this scene:

Thanks! Not sure how useful it is, but a fun project!