Better Dial for MP Select Mini V1

by auralgasm Jul 17, 2016
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When printing the perimeter my printer "sings" the Wicked Witch of the West theme song...

Can't wait for the better knob.

I know right? LOL

seems like on my v2 it does not go far enough down. is that happening to others?

confirmed here too. Does not fit the V2. center hole wont fit over shaft.

FYI does not fit the v2

Is something wrong with this model? I can print anything else on my printer, but this? It keeps missing layers, and is super easy to break? I can squeeze, and it crumbles up because of all the missing layers. Idk what is wrong with this model?

Most likely it's your settings. Are you using infill? This model requires infill.

I printed it and it's worlds better than the original dial. For some reason mine sits a lot higher than the others in the photos. Nothing a drill can't fix.

I hated the dial that came with the machine. The mechanism is still a little wonky, but at least I now have a dial I can grab on to!!

Well, the hard part, is indeed, getting the original knob off (pried with two mini-screwdrivers), but once you're over that hurdle you'll never look back. Should be the first print for every mini select. Thanks! Fits great.

How do you get the old button out? I tried dental floss, tried prying it out, and more. Not really wanting to open the machine just to install a new button...

When I printed it, it wouldn't snap on. I tried some tape, but it did nothing. What should I do?

Did you remove the old dial first? There's no snapping. Remove old dial using dental floss trick, then press this dial into place. This is a replacement dial. If you're saying it's too tight, clean up the hole a bit with something sharp.

oh!!!! I never thought of removing the dial.

how did you get it to stay on? I am thinking it just snapped on.

Just push it in, stays on nice and tight

this knob is a HUGE improvement over stock

Totally not about the print... did you change out the LEDs behind the knob?

No, for some reason, in my photos, the blue led turns out purple.

This should be on the card along with the cat! I wish I had printed it as soon as I got the printer.

my new favorite dial - tried a few, this one worked best for me. thanks!

Btw, removing the stock button was not too hard with a little bit of dental floss - just get it in there in a loop behind the button, and then pull it down (so it's behind the button). Then just wiggle the button out by pulliing on the ends of the dental floss.

What is the dial shaft diameter? I plan on remixing this for my Prusa i3 MK2.

which display software you use

How do you get the stock button out?

I used a pair of tweezers and a knife blade to pry off the old dial. If you are careful you won't scratch the front panel

Works perfectly! Big improvement over the stock dial. I printed with 5% fill density and it works perfectly!

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