Tevo Tarantula Y-Axis Print Bed Spacer (No more wobble)

by carbochip Jul 18, 2016
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Just wanted to add this can be printed on a Monoprice Select Mini but you will need to remove adhesion plate to make it fit 100% scale.

made a huge difference for my tarantula! i had to tighten up the y axis wheels by bulking them up with electrical tape to get rid of the wobble long enough to print your fix, and now no wobble at all, in fact initially i was so gung-ho about the being able to tighten it up that i over tightened and the bed would barely move. now my tarantula is printing well with no wobble at all, and i continue to crank out upgrades as each improvement reveals a new area that needs work.

one of my favorite parts of the whole 3d printing experience has been that i can bootstrap my machine and it just keeps getting more accurate, square and rigid with every addition.

Absolutely wonderful model! I had pretty severe wobble before, which made leveling the bed nearly impossible. I was surprised after making this and swapping it out with the old acrylic piece, just how much of a difference it made. Now, I did have to mildly sand the holes to get a good fit, but so worth it!

If you're one of the many people (it seems) with bed wobble, I'd highly suggest giving this a try!

Hai davvero salvato la mia stampante! ottimo lavoro.. sei stato davvero in gamba e provvidenziale!
Grazie grazie grazieeeeeeeeeeeee!

Thank you so much - this sorted out ALL of my bed levelling issues resulting from wobble. I didn't even need to touch the eccentric nuts as the fit was snug.
Printed on PLA with 100% and it was solid.....thank you SO much

You're great, thanks really!!!

Hello, will it work on larger bed? 20x28cm?
What infill should I use?


This was awesome! The bed is now super sturdy. Just need to get rid of the acrylic bed support too (print in progress). Thank you!

The holes for the eccentric nuts printed slightly larger than the nuts them selves, but a little paper shim fixed that. The holes were closer to the rail than the stock acrylic. Completely removed all wobble from that part. Thank you for this part.

Perfect, this fit excellent. i fit and dont need adjust wheels :)

OMG worked nice , ty so much , amazing work good job.. :D

This was a life saver. I had the worst Y-wobble on my "BRAND FRICKEN NEW" Tevo Tarantula that I was about to chuck in the towel. Decided to print this out and after installing No wobble at all. Leveled the bed in a couple minutes and am printing my projects. Thanks a ton for doing this.

Sorry for bumping this post, but, how long would it take and what are the recommended settings?

Worked perfect. Thanks!

Thanks It worked awesome

Thank you. It ends my nightmare :)

Thank you Sir! This perfectly worked and solved my issues with wobbling.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is now stock - marketed as "gift" -, BUT it dont solve the wobbling issues (especially those from longish infill sections) - so dont expect any magic here. Especially since the bootleneck are those 4 long screws holding the bed. Those should get attention.

I get a horror envishioning those pieces missing, as you cheer at it that much.

I suppose the issue is how you define "wobble". There are many who received Tevo Tarantulas which had wheels that do not tighten tight onto the rail. (I read somewhere that the cause was a batch of wheels which were too small.) So for us, "wobble" means all 3 axis flopping around which makes for an unusable printer.

If you had a usable printer from the start and are trying to optimize, then this part isn't for you. You would probably be looking at a linear rail upgrade with an aluminum bed carriage to replace the flexible acrylic one.

Excellent design, worked like a charm for my wobbling issues!
Will try to post image soon, was so eager to mount it on the printer I forgot to take a picture.


Thank you for posting this great design! Helped reduce my Y-axis/Heated Bed wobble dramatically. :) I printed PLA with 40% infill, 0.2mm layer height, 5 top solid layers, 5 bottom solid layers, 3 shells.

Worked awesome! 20% infill PLA. Thanks!

How much Infill should i use?

O M G !!! Best anti Y wobbling. Works fucking great for me. THX !!

this is the best for stop the bed wheels to wobble on the rails 10/10

how does this work with the factory bed acrylic piece? Do you have to modify the original?

No modification needed. The factory bed acrylic also has enlarged holes for eccentric nuts. However if you are using the spacer, only the screw goes through the hole on the acrylic bed so there is enough room. At least it did on mine.