Crossfire Quadcopter for Thing-O-Matic

by joechung Oct 18, 2013
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Can you post the CAD files too please?

could you please post you spec for your quadcopters, eg. motors battery etc, I am so interested with this project, and wanna choose for my final year project

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thanks! and will there be any problems with my solution, like the top ring being to large?

If the screw holes line up then it must be the right size! The top ring is really just to help protect your board and stuff in case you crash (except for the Naza version which also provides something to mount your GPS receiver to)

My all up weight with a 3300 mah battery and Fatshark transmitter and camera is 1.3kg. I get about 8-10 mins of flight time though I am not doing anything very aerobatic.

Whoops - sorry about the tiny models. When I export out of Wings3D they come out at 1/10 so they need to be scaled up exactly by 10. I've uploaded the fixed files (I hope), or you can just scale any of the old tiny files up by 10!

I found that problem also and I scaled the top plate and the top ring to the size of the bottom plate. It seems to be correct.

Hey! I've started printing it. But it it seems that some things files are not scaled at all. (plate top and plate ring). Can you tell us what the correct scale is ? Many Thanks !

How long of a flight time do you get with the 3200mah battery? And what is the all up weight of your quad?

I plan on printing it in polycarbonate. It's going to look so cool!

Would you care to post a video of operation?

Updated version with much stronger arm joints and beefier landing feet.