Grand Castle Generator

by Zivbot Jul 20, 2016
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May I ask what the seed for the preview image is?

This is awesome. I love it!

Comments deleted.

Unfortunately, customizer seems to be broken throughout the thingiverse site, without any indication that its going to change.
The only solution is to download OPENSCAD and use it offline, but its a good solution.
Look for the "Development Snapshots" on the openscad downloads page, it has a "customizer-like" interface where you can play with the sliders and see the result.

Very good generator u create here. Well Done friend

This is some seriously fantastic work. This will be of great help for when I decide to run some tabletop games. Have you considered making a medieval town generator to go with this?

Thanks! town is in the list of ideas, but i'd love your thoughts as to what would you expect from such a town in order to make it game-useful ? with/without ground? evenly distributed (grid?) or random? scale?...

Tabletop games tend to be run on a battlemap with 1" squares or hexes, representing 5 feet or so per inch. That being said, at that scale it would be very hard to 3d print a whole town. If you could make the town in about the same scale as the castle though (and customizable) then it could be used when laying out what the world looks like, like if you were to draw out a map of a whole continent on the battlemap.

Specifically one game where a town generator would be useful is a game called "Dawn of Worlds" which is a game used for crafting the worlds that you play with later. Being able to plonk down a model of a grand castle or fortress works great for that. Towns would make it even better. In the end the entire model would probably printed 4" by 4" or so to keep it on par with the castles.

What I'd like to see on the town generator is for there to be ground (so you can have the whole town as one piece) but for it to be customizable with different types and quantities of buildings (blacksmith, tavern, farms, houses, town hall). As far as how the towns are laid out, that's exactly why I'd like to have a customizable generator. Some towns would have a sprawly layout, some would be more grid-ish. It'd be like if you were to compare the streets of Boston compared to Los Angeles. It would be super cool if the ground had hills and the town flowed with it.

Thanks for the detailed description! I think I got the idea, and it sounds promising. I've added it to my todo-wishlist and hope to get to it soon :) who knows, maybe someone reading this will get there first.

I'm interested in working on something like this. Where can I read about creating Customizer apps?

Whoops! I found it:


yes indeed. excellent

Thanks guys. Thats a promising name for the next version, whatever that will be - Epic Castle Generator.

Now my sea monkeys can finally have a castle fit for royalty!

Thanks everyone!
I'm anxious to see those sea monkeys inhabiting the castle, you MUST put up an image when its made :)