Pile of Poo Emoji (U+1F4A9)

by DrLex Jul 20, 2016
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How long would this take in a normal 3D printer. I am new to this and don’t know anything.

At 0.2mm layer height with 15% rectilinear infill (only where needed), about 3 hours. Of course this depends a lot on the settings.
If you scale it down to 67% size, time is reduced to 77 minutes with the same settings.

Love this model, thanks for sharing.

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Did you know that emoji is actually ice cream?

The Unicode standard is quite clear about the name of this thing being “Pile of Poo” and it representing a pile of excrement. Some descriptions may state that it has a similar shape as soft-serve ice cream, but I wouldn't eat just anything that vaguely resembles food :p

Ohhhh, this is so awsome. It is the crown of my car's dashoard. Very nice work. Thank you very much for sharing.

Best! I have one huge favor request :) Its Christmas time (as per supermarkets) and time of baking .... could you PLEASE make half (hollow) form to be able stuff pastry and use it as baking form? :)

Do you mean the front half, so you can make a cake shaped like half of the turd with its face up?

YES! That's it :D You will be my hero if you can do that :) Thanks!

All right, here it is: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2668855
This wasn't trivial to make, so a little tip would be appreciated ;)

Pile of Poo Emoji cake / cookie / sand mold
by DrLex

Can someone help turn this into a coin bank. Thx

Love this, anyway to make it appear smoother? It looks like it could do with more facets?

What do you mean, don't your turds look faceted like this? Then I must be eating something wrong…
Anyway, high poly count models are now available!

lol cheers DrLex :)

I have literally printed hundreds of these - big and small.

This was my best print so far. It printed perfectly on my Monoprice Mini Select with glow-in-the-dark PETG. I just had to slow down the print speed.

It is a strange world when people claim that their best print so far was a piece of sh*t! :D