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by jjrobots Aug 4, 2016
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Hey I am trying to make this work with a ramps board. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I had my nephew print and assemble my Sphere-O-Bot for me. I've installed the software on 3 different computers, running either Windows 7 Professional or Windows 10. NONE of them worked. I've installed Inkscape 64bit and 32 bit. No difference. I've replaced the py file. Arduino on COM Port 2 and 4, ran Inskcape as Administrator. I've been back and forth with JJRobots support, but still no success. I'm beyond frustrated. I really need someone to help me. PLEASE!

Are you running Inkscape as admin? and replaced the .py file as the jjrobots site recommend? Mine is working fine.

Yes. Still not working.

It has to be a computer "issue": Check you do not have an antivirus running of blocking the ports with a firewall. We have more than 5 units of the Sphere-o-bot here with our students and they work like a charm.

I've tried this on 3 different computers, with virus protection and firewall turned off. Still not working.

Can someone walk me through determining if the robot itself is functional? The green light stays on and the yellow light flashes. I've not been able to get it to do anything else.

I've just assembled my SphereORobot and Im at the point of setting up the software side, as per the instructions found on https://www.jjrobots.com/sphere-o-bot-assembly-and-user-guide/ Step 7 I am trying to get the initial Plot done in the Inkscape extension. I get this message after I click "Apply"

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "eggbot.py", line 1406, in


File "C:Program Files (x86)Inkscapeshareextensionsinkex.py", line 268, in affect


File "eggbot.py", line 314, in effect


File "eggbot.py", line 1299, in EggbotOpenSerial

self.serialPort = self.getSerialPort()

File "eggbot.py", line 1356, in getSerialPort

for strComPort in eggbot_scan.findEiBotBoards():

File "C:Program Files (x86)Inkscapeshareextensionseggbot_scanwin32.py", line 6, in findEiBotBoards

hKey = _winreg.OpenKey( hReg, r"SYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumUSBVID_04D8&PID_FD92" )

WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified

I hope you can help. Thanks for the work you've put in to this!

Check this thread: http://forums.jjrobots.com/showthread.php?tid=1199
It looks like you only have to replace the eggbot.py file ;-)

Could anyone please help me.
I saw this Thing and just printed it. Due to short time to easter I had big doubt about getting original parts from jjrobots.
As I found a list of all parts with links to amazon I decided to buy these:
Leonardo R3: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07BT1LL38/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o05_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1
CNC shield V3: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07CZDC9TZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
DRV8825: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01E0KJDTO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Servo 9G : https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07CYZSVKW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Nema 17: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07JJCMB81/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I hope that these components are realy compatible like I read. Could anyone confirm that?

I have installed software und uploaded the eggbot code to leonardo. Also I have installed inkscape 0.91 and extensions.
Trying now to setup the eggbot (pen up and down) I got an error message that a file could not be found.
Google said that this is common problem and I have to download another eggbot.py

Now I don't get an error but still the eggbot is not doing anything.
Is it possible to test single motors (axis and servo) by leonardo without inkskape?
Does anyone see a Problem at the pictures?
May I need to connect Voltage not only to leonardo but also to the cnc-shield? (pressing the reset button at the cnc shield brings some blinking led at the leonardo)

I am absolutely new to arduino and also quite new to 3d printing. Sorry if I am simply a fool

So I have the main frame almost done. I bought the kit from jjrobots with all needed parts. Do I have to print all of the 4 of the egg supports?

Please help

I just put together my Spher-o-bot and when I try to print using inkscape the pen moves all of the way to the left until it hits the frame and gets stuck. I try to move the motor back and after a couple of seconds it is stuck on the right side again. What should I do?

Are you using the A4988 stepper motor drivers? And the default eggbot template for Inkscape?

Yeah those are the drivers and the template. I could send a video of what it is doing if that would help. It is like the scale is off or something in inkscape.

Yes... it looks like the scale if off. Upload a video , that will help to narrow down the problem

I uploaded a video to youtube. Here is the link https://youtu.be/jgYZK8Y7Ldo Thanks

Ok Update. I have swapped the stepper drivers on the board and now the arm does not go all the way right and get stuck. It still doesn't print correctly which leads me to believe that the problem is that stepper motor driver. I am replacing it and will update.

Cool stuff. We are going to have an easter workshop at our makerspace. So we are going to make this eggbot :)
During slicing, I found a few issues in the mainframe though.

the underneath of the screw holes should be tapered, so it wouldn't need supports. I suppose it will print ok without supports though.

But the Arduino plate should have some tapering.

You have other frames with support like: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1956649 or https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2291884. I have printed the first one and everything went as expected. But I have to say that I prefer the Original frame (just print it with supports)

Frame for Sphere-O-Bot
by Gelb153
Sphere-O-Bot Adjustable frame without support
by Tchoun

Hi, im trying to get the Inkscape talking to the Arduino Leonardo but without luck!

I installed the Firmware "Ejjduino_ARDUINO.ino".
Arduino Serial Monitor answers to the "v" command with "EBBv13_and_above Protocol emulated by Eggduino-Firmware V1.6a

Inkscape first was showing a Error Message concerning the VID / PID. Therfore I changed the PID VID to my Hw-ID found on the Win10 Device Manger to "VID_2341&PID_8036&MI_00" in eggbot_scanwin32.py

With this change the RX LED on the Arduino is blinking while Inkscape is scanning, but Inkscape answers with "Unable to find an Eggbot on any serial port. :( Error reading serial data."

I tried 2 different PC (bouth Win10 64 Bit / Inkscape 64 bit) an two different Arduino Leonardos.

Has someone had the same problem and can help me?

Check you are running the inkscape are ADMIN and do not modify any file but replace the eggbot.py file.

I tried it already as ADMIN, without luck. Now I´ve tried a lot. When I use a 32-bit version of Incscpe, replace only the eggbot.py the Ardunio is responding an the motors are moveing...

Now I have to find fitting "suctions cups" to have a first try...

I am using a 12v/2amp power supply as specified with the same 2 steppers listed and for some reason my motors are getting extremely hot. Anyone else have this issue or know why they are getting hot. I already adjusted the vref on the drivers to 0.04 volt.

Awesome!!! Congrats.

Es ist schön, dass es Ostern gibt wäre richtig ;-)

I started printing this because I have just about everything I could figure out for parts. Just a few questions.

The robot shield. I looked at your site for JJRobots, and I wanted to know what the different options are. Do you need the stepper motor driver with the brain shield?

Can you build it without the shield?
Can you use a different shield like a cnc shield?

Yes, you will need the stepper motor drivers (one per motor). They are in charge of "energize" the motors. They have to be connected to the Brain shield in order to make the sphere-o-bot work. You can build it without the shield using another control board on top of the Arduino. A CNC shield will work but you will need to change the Arduino code adjusting it to the new outputs/inputs

Thank You. Is JJRobots in the US or Europe? All the different tax things were strange to me.

We are in California (USA) and Scotland (United Kingdom / Europe) :-) If you get from Usa or Europe you will not pay any import taxes or fees. We will ship from within your country

Comments deleted.

Why is the mainframe hollowed? Its just harder to print that way?

You will save a lot of filament!

Okay. Thats what a infill settings are made for...
It you take a look into the remix section all "remixers" had realized that also.

Hello, is the brain sheiks proprietary or it a rebranded open source board?

چگونه می توان این وسیله ساخت؟؟

I'm having issues with the pen motors moving too much. I set the pen to the middle position, but then after a minute or so of drawing, it wants to move too much and it ends up hitting the side walls (where the second motor that rotates the egg is mounted). Then it just makes a mess as it keeps hitting the wall. It might move towards the center again, but it always keeps hitting the wall again.

The voltages on both drivers are 0.6V, so I think that's ok. I've confirmed and the image is 3200x800. What else can I try?

It looks like the size of the drawing is too large. try to... rotate it? or a smaller size maybe?
Are you using 1.8 degrees stepper/step motors?

Thanks for the suggestions, sure, I can try resizing the image a bit.

Yes, the motors are 1.8' and using resolution of 1/16.

Are the bearings supposed to be press fit in? My left and right cap seem to be too big and too short (not enough depth). Would like some feedback - printed on a Makerbot that if anything would print it just a tad small, but this does not seem to be right. Please let me know. Thanks!

yes. They should. Printed with my prusa mk2 and no problems at all. Which stl models did you use as caps? A photo would help

Hey there!
Is there a version for the Arduino Uno? Do I really need the shield? I wouldn't use the esp anyway and I could do the wiring for the drivers myself. Is there anything crucial on it for this project?

If I were to make this with the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 could I use the same shields?

Hi, it should but maybe you will need to modify a little the Arduino CODE

Hello jjrobots,
Unfortunately I can not find a working firmware for your eggbot. Please upload a working firmware for your eggbot for the Arduino Leonardo setup.
best regards

The Arduino code can be found at the assembly guide page: https://www.jjrobots.com/sphere-o-bot-assembly-and-user-guide/ (6. PROGRAMMING THE ARDUINO LEONARDO)
Shortcut to the code: https://www.jjrobots.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Sphere-O-Bot-CODE_ARDUINO.zip

No Chance. I have fix it the .py File and then.

It should work after that. Replacing that file will make any computer to recognize the sphere-o-bot. Check the USB port

Having a hard time getting the main frame to print on my monoprice IIp or my Folgertech 2020... both get about an hour in and then jumps in the Y direction... Anyone else have this issue with the stl File? Using Cura 2.3.1 with the settings in the details.. the layers look good in the layer view... getting frustrated and tired of wasting filament, I have tried multiple times on each machine and have the same issue with a shift in the Y

Yes, I use an Arduino UNO R3
on my iMac, if I make many tries to connect, 1 time on 30, I arrive to connect with Inkscape
So, I think there is a "timing" too short in Inkscape extensions for an iMac
But how to change this for try ?

We have designed this painting robot mod for the Arduino Leonardo, the Arduino UNO has another different microcontroller and the communication handshake timing is different. We will take a look at it anyway.

i have some news about my problem.
I have put a 10uF between GND and RESET on my arduino uno R3, for card doesn't reset as seen on web.
I have tried on 2 differents computers , one on windows 10, and the second is an iMac 2017
And the result is now ok on my PC windows 10 (no line on egg before start to draw), but not on my iMac.... with this condensator, on my iMac in Inkscape, iMac doesn't want find and connect the arduino card... but if i remove condensator, Inkscape is ok to find and connect on my iMac, but i have again the problem describe in others posts.
Now i would like to know why the 10uF condensator make work well pen up/down on my windows 10 and NOT POSSIBLE to connect on my iMac ?

We have developed the Sphere-o-bot to work with an Arduino Leonardo. It could work with the Arduino UNO but we have not thoroughly checked all the possible incompatibilities. There are some differences on the electronics of both boards (UNO and Leonardo). That capacitor seems to keep the servo output at LOW while initializing the drawing process explaining the problem you are having.

I have already do that, but it doesn't work...
I can raise up the pen, but when i click on start to draw in inkscape, the pen immediately down, and draw a big line on egg.
During drawing, the pen raise up and down at the good moment
My problem is on only at the start, during searching start position, just before starting to draw.

Are you using an Arduino UNO?

For my problem, it's only on start drawing
After the pen was at the start position, all the drawing is perfect, but during the positioning on the egg, just before starting draw, the pen is down (the pen must be up during search start position, and must down only after find start position) and make a big line on before start to draw.
Best regards

Try to increase the initial "pen up position" position a little bit (image attached). That will make the pen to stay away from the drawing surface before starting to draw.

Very good job !
I have made this eggbot, it's cool !
All works well, but one thing not.....
When i start plot, the pen immediately down and after, go to the position for start drawing, but this made a line on egg before draw...
So, i don't understand why the pen immediately down before go to start position, normally at start, the pen must move up, after go to start position and after move down pen and finally start drawing, but it's not the case on my eggbot...
Why ?

Thanks for your help

Regarding your problem... does the pen behave the other way around? I mean, the arm lifts when it should be down and vice-versa? If so, take a look at this thread: http://forums.jjrobots.com/thread-1127.html
It explains how to solve that ;-)

merhaba . projem çalışmıyor. cnc shield kullanmıştım. ama inkscape programında apply dediğimde hiç bir şey olmuyor. lütfen yardım edermisiniz?

I printed the whole project and now I'm going to start the electronics part, but I do not have your shield kit, and in Brazil it's hard to find. Could you show me how the connection was made? I'm referring to the electrical diagram, so I can draw my printed circuit board myself. If you can help me I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance.

Hi, I'd like to build this from some spare parts that I have laying around. Can I use an Arduino UNO with a CNC V3 shield for this (one like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/253166235928)?

Hi, Nice job creating this, I was curious and I was wondering If you could do this with a 36 servo?

You mean a 360º servo? We tried but the lack of precision made the drawings horrible :-\ The stepper motors have much more accuracy 1.8º/16= 0.11º per step (And the price of a "good" 360 servo was similar to a stepper motor)

You're a great father.

i have printed this, and have an arduino uno already laying around, can anyone help me with what changes i need to make to use the uno? Or point me in the right direction? I am not very comfortable messing around with the settings in the firmware.

Thanks for embedding my video on your page! This was a super fun project for my daughter and I and I look forward to repurposing the parts to make other projects of yours soon! Cheers!! :)

No, thank you for the video ;-)
We think you will like the next one: the blimpduino! (www.blimpduino.com)

So i am curious for the 21 people that made this. What do you use it for? Is it just a hobby thing for easter? Do you try and sell them? $120 seems like a lot for something that paints eggs. It's fun, just expensive.

It is not that expensive. You are getting 2 stepper motors + electronics + Arduino + others. If you look for the price of all the items on their own you will see that it is a good price. I am using it with my kids and it is fun to design in Inkscape...
I have printed this frame version https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1956649 and used these egg supports https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:747421 for my designs.

Frame for Sphere-O-Bot
by Gelb153
The Egg Family

The only thing that i really find is to expensive is the CNC shield... which is why so many people ask about alternatives!

120USD? It is 105+shipping I think... I have painted eggs, golf and foam balls, light bulbs, xmas baubles...etc I have two 3D printers here I can use the stepper motors as backup (it is a good price for 2 quality motor replacements).And you can create the B-robot (the self balancing robot) and the remotely controlled board too using the same elements (I do not have the link here, but you can find it in the jjrobots designs folder)

could i use a normal ramps 1.4 board for this or a arduino cnc controller?

Yes you can, but you will have to modify a little the Arduino CODE (in order to properly map the motor outputs and comms with the computer)

Hi jjrobots,
I really want to make one of these. Ive been trying to buy a complete kit from your site but its not working.
Do you sell them elsewhere?

Hi s34n!
This is the link to get the KIT: http://www.jjrobots.com/product/sphere-o-bot/ It is only available in jjrobots (for now)
Are you having problems placing the order? Let us know at: info@jjrobots.com ;-) (send us the list of items to get and a delivery address)

I have built the sphere-o-bot and everything looks ok. I have downloaded Inkscape to my laptop but cannot see the eggbot extension. I have reloaded Inkscape v91 but it is still not there. I am running windows 10 in 64 bit mode. Can anyone help?

HI John!
Take a look to this thread: http://forums.jjrobots.com/thread-1199.html It may help :-)

hi is there anyway to use a MKS Base V1.4 for the electronics? i got a spare one and i have nothing to do with it

In the third photo where we can see the assembled Bot, the vertical arm has a nut and bolt to secure to the stepper shaft, but the published version lacks these. I have round motor shafts and this additional locking mechanism is needed. can you please post that version as well?
Thanks !

I am done building.
Firmware uploaded.
I can't get the inkscape to work.
In setup I get the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "eggbot.py", line 1406, in
File "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\inkex.py", line 283, in affect
File "eggbot.py", line 314, in effect
File "eggbot.py", line 1299, in EggbotOpenSerial
self.serialPort = self.getSerialPort()
File "eggbot.py", line 1356, in getSerialPort
for strComPort in eggbot_scan.findEiBotBoards():
File "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\eggbot_scanwin32.py", line 6, in findEiBotBoards
hKey = _winreg.OpenKey( hReg, r"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\VID_04D8&PID_FD92" )
WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified

What have I missed?

take a look to this troubleshooting we have created: http://forums.jjrobots.com/thread-1199.html

Perhaps I'm missing something but it appears that when you select "Start with pen centered" in options that the plot starts and the pen drops down it then moves to the starting point. Making a big line on the blank canvas? I'm thinking I need to patch the routine in the python script to not drop the pen until after the starting move, but wondered if I'm the only one seeing this issue?

You can swap the values in the EGGBOT extension->SETUP: "Pen up position" and "Pen Down position"

I guess I don't entirely understand what swapping those values buys me? If I swap them the pen is then down when it should be up and vice versa. I suppose I could invert the servo, but does this fix my problem?

I get a error message trying to image the board that I have it is a EiBit Board v2.3, I think that is Leonardo compatible. Using Arduino 1.6.1 and 1.8 and neither work. I have the right port and com and teh baud is 115200. This is a major pain. Anyone have any advice or even a file for an orb bot that I can sue to make this thing work?

will 608 bearings work instead of the 623 bearings listed?

Could work, but you would need to change the diameter of the axis (to 8mm), suction cups, nuts and re-modelling the 3D parts

I am making one now using an existing Arduino Mega 2560 and and Ramp 1.4 Shield. My problem is uploading the firmware. I get this error when compiling:
Helper_Functions.ino: In function 'void storePenUpPosInEE()':
Helper_Functions:26: error: 'eeprom_update_word' was not declared in this scope
Helper_Functions.ino: In function 'void storePenDownPosInEE()':
Helper_Functions:30: error: 'eeprom_update_word' was not declared in this scope

Can this be fixed and if so how, or do I need to use the Arduino Leonnardo?

Nice work.

FYI I was able to compile the firmware recommended directly via Arduino 1.8.1 after selecting the 2560 board as the target. No errors, but you do have to edit pin configs. See my make for my notes.

Thanks, I ordered the Leonardo board so I won't need to fool around with the pins.

We have adapted the code to work with the Arduino Leonardo. It could work on an Arduino Mega, but it will need modifications.

I ordered a Leonardo from jjrobots.

JJers! thanks for porting this robot (and for the support, I am not the best assembling things :-P) I will go for another of your kits soon!

Comments deleted.

Awesome robot! We are having a lot of fun painting eggs and placing names on them. :-D I strongly recommend the Sharpie pens (they are cheap and reliable)

Comments deleted.

Went to assemble my kit today. Suggested improvements:
1/ Standard egg holder: make the D-shaped hole 7mm (currently 6mm) because 6mm is too small to fit the 7.5mm spigot on the suction cups being shipped currently

2/ Standard egg holder: reduce the width of the slot to better match 5.4mm across flats of the M3 nut. The slot is 6.2mm or more, and allows the nut to rotate. (the slot on the long egg holder is better, around 6mm, although the sucker hole is only 4.8, way too small for the suckers supplied)

3/ Egg holders: would be better with a D-shaped hole to match the motor shaft

4/ The "separation ring" show in the assembly instructions is missing. This is an important part since it needs to touch only on the inner race to the bearing, otherwise there's no point having a bearing.

4/ the frame size is too small for me to fit a standard 70gm egg, even with the short/standard egg holder and the spring fully compressed.

Designing a new egg holder to print now....I'll post the file if it works out for me

Hi Effgee!
1) There is a egg holder for the large suction cups (and : (eggsupport[V2]_larger_suction_cups): http://www.thingiverse.com/download:3466219
2) Check the "eggsupport[V2_larger_suction_cups" model, it has a 5,6 mm hole (0,2 mm tolerance for "not so good" 3D printers)
3) Leaving the holder like this (with a bolt to fix it) allows you to centre the egg better. A fitted support will not let you do that easily.
4) The spacer is this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/download:2614479 (Rod_spacer)
5) Check the "egg_support holder SHORT" stl model. Thanks for the feedback! (really)

thanks. I already printed my own design, and it fits fine, a little tight on the shaft so I'll edit that (once I get the whole thing working) before posting it.

I forgot to mention my vertical_arm_V2.stl failed on first build, because I didn't see the Up! software flagged a fault that needed fixing, a double surface near one end of the model I suspect. Printed OK after I pressed 'fix model'.

Now I just need to get Inkscape working. I've got the extension (v2.7) installed with inkscape v0.92 , but it gives an error when I try to test pen up:

Inkscape has received additional data from the script executed. The script did not return an error, but this may indicate the results will not be as expected.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "eggbot.py", line 1406, in
File "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\inkex.py", line 283, in affect
File "eggbot.py", line 318, in effect
File "eggbot.py", line 1299, in EggbotOpenSerial
self.serialPort = self.getSerialPort()
File "eggbot.py", line 1356, in getSerialPort
for strComPort in eggbot_scan.findEiBotBoards():
File "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions\eggbot_scanwin32.py", line 6, in findEiBotBoards
hKey = _winreg.OpenKey( hReg, r"SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\VID_04D8&PID_FD92" )
WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified

Do I need to tell it the serial port number somehow ?

If you have problems connecting the Eggbot, check this list of things we have created:

thanks. After resetting the port number from com66 to com2, and power cycling the arduino, I can successfully send the manual command to move one motor, and both motors are powered.

But I still get the same error number. When I search the registry manually, I can't find that USB id VID_04D8&PID_FD92

I've uninstalled Inkscape 0.92 and installed 0.91, plus the recommended extension v2.4.0 (even though they're not the latest). I suspect I need un in-install/re-install either the extension or the USB driver, but they don't appear on the uninstall list in control panel as far as I can see

[edit] Actually, another checkpoint for your list is "make sure the Arduino serial monitor is closed when trying to contol from Inkscape", since otherwise the Arduino serial monitor will tie up the serial port.

[edit2] well, I've got the manual moves working, so I assume I'm on the home straight now. Thanks for all the support. The checklist was a great help; the modified eggbot.py file seemed to be the final thing (plus shutting the Adruino serial monitor embarrassed smiley). I guess I can go back and see if I really need to run Inkscape as admin, etc.

[edit3] definitely all good now, printed the example file "this egg was laid by a chicken...". There is too much slop in the pen axis, due to a number of reasons (no screw to clamp to the motor shaft, plus excess clearance in the hinge bores) which will be easy enough to fix by printing a new vertical arm. Thanks again. I'll upload new stl a little later after I've tested and refined them. For optimum pen axis accuracy I suspect printing the hinge holes undersize then drilling to 3.0 will be best. I may even change the pin size to suit something I've pulled off an old inkjet printer.

I have almost everything needed accept the threaded rod and the Brain, but i do have a CNC Shield Expansion Board and 4 stepper drivers. not sure shipping from EU to the US would get here in time but i'm thinking getting this to work with the shield i have shouldn't be too complicated.
I also think i have a HiLetgo L293D Motor Driver Board with 2 stepper drivers and 2 servo ports as well. anyone built one of these with different electronics?

I tried to use a CNC Shield but the stepper motor configuration was set by default to 1/4 and that made my robot useless. Which CNC shield are you planning to use?

Well I dug around what I have and I do have one of these after all HiLetgo L293D Motor Driver Board for Arduino Motor Expansion Board Arduino Shield. I bought it to build a x/y plotter but haven't gotten around to it yet. Thinking my boys would love doing easter eggs with this thing.

Hi. Building the new one for the Easter right now :)
Already printed all parts and assembling electronics with ESP NodeMCU 2.0. Looks good.

While knowing about step motors and see your source code I have a question.
Are you using full-step or other stepping ? I am connecting A4988 directly to ESP so cannt know if MS1, MS2, MS3 are connected anyware or left free (LOW = means full step is used).

Thanks, great project, hope to post is asap with pictures.


Great design!

I printed one, but i have some problems with the electronics...the pen stepper moves only in one direction?

Thanks! The Sphere-o-bot should work properly, maybe a cable connection problem. Email us at info@jjrobots.com

That's my star pantograph! EEEEE! :D (I'm so easily amused)

Yes, it is! :-D Great designs SnoBahr! We are following you now. We have used the Star Pantograph as the first serious/complicated design to test the robot: https://goo.gl/QGkjmc

I see there's a new main frame part. How is it different than the old one?

It needs a little bit less plastic ;-)

I can't tell from the stl file directly, but when I print the new version, it looks like the outside hole for the axis support is smaller than the inside hole. I can get the axis support to fit on the inside with a little sanding, but not at all on the outside. Can you check the cad file?
Maybe it's the way I did the supports or something about how it printed.

mhh....It is (should be) the same diameter. Made using a "through hole" command, so it should keep the same size. Thank you for this anyway Tim! ;-)

I think the issue I'm having is related to the axial features. They reduce the effective ID for the outer rod support, but don't go all the way to the inside edge, so the effective ID for the inner rod support looks larger.

Hi Tim,
Check the MAIN FRAME Version 2 we have re-uploaded. ;-)

Looks good. I'll be printing shortly.

Having problem to print the pen holder witS3D, the hole for the pen holder is closed. Can you please check.
Thanks in advance!

Yep same issue here S3D bridges the holes for the pen holder and nut.
It looks fine on the screen but after slicing it feels the need to place bridging through the nut and pen holes :(
Hoping someone can upload a repaired file that works with S3D..

Check the new version of the pen holder [v3] (tested with S3D) :-D

We have been tested the parts with Cura and slicer without problems. I recommend you (if you can) to use those slicers as we check the S3D

Comments deleted.

How does one create multi-color drawings with the electronics you provide? I purchased your kit, assembled everything, and the device works very well, except that I don't find a way to pause and change pen color, and then resume drawing with the new color. Because of this, I'm unable to draw using layers (multiple colors).

Am I missing something?

We will add the feature as soon as possible (to use the button currently present on the Brain Shield).In the meantime, what we do is: separate the drawing into several layers and change the pen between before drawing the new one. There is info here: http://wiki.evilmadscientist.com/Eggbot_Control (LAYERS)

Thanks, that will work!

Hi, great kit!
just ordered it. Is there any chanse I could optain the CAD files of the main_frame? I would like to make a minor change to make it easyer to print.

Thanks in advance!

Send us an email to info@jjrobots.com

Good on you @jjrobots

Open source for the win. :)

Any chance you can post the egg holder about 1.15 CM taller? This should center the build on a ping pong ball instead of an egg.

We have created another holder, suitable for smaller spheres. It is called "largeaxisJJ.stl"

Comments deleted.

Where did you get the suction cups?

Hi, Awesome project!!!

I'm printing this now to make for the weekend for my daughters birthday, unfortunately I don't have the same bearings and m3 rod, instead I have m5 rod and some bearings that will fit. I expect I will be able to make modified parts and perhaps upload them - any clues why m3 was chosen?

Also I am going to use a Ramps 1.4 board and Arduino Mega - this is going to be the biggest challenge away from the specified electronics, any tips would be much appreciated, I figured I can just upload the firmware to a Mega and change the pins in software around to match 2 stepper drivers and however it sends the CNC data (SD card or serial?) - I'm gonna be sweet right =P

hey! I am attempting this now and was wondering if you could send me some of your code?

Hey did you ever figure this out im trying to do the same thing

Cool project! If you happen to be a teacher, make one of these! Buy 144 ping pong balls on amazon, put a kid's name on it and let them keep it. They will love your class!

Could you please check/fix the egg_support.stl? I can't get a good slicing with Slic3r and don't manage to repair the STL. Other models also have problems but none so crucial.
I'd be grateful if you could check/repair egg_support.stl.

All the models have been 100% tested and printed with CURA. We will take a look to SLIC3R and that problem (almost every software "slice" the 3D models differently...)

This is how it looks like in Slic3r:

This is how it looks in Windows STL viewer:
You can clearly see broken meshes.

I've tried repairing the model in a couple of different ways, unfortunately without luck.

Try again with the new EGG SUPPORT model (or the ALTERNATIVE model) . Checked with CURA and other slicer software packages ;-)

Thank you very much, the new egg_support file worked fine with Slic3r.

Stratasys insight. I see errors (surface covering a hole) when I import the STL file into Cimatron or solidworks.

Cura and SLIC3R can print them without problems. Please check the PEN HOLDER again (v3) we have used the MAKEITPRINTABLE APP on it.

A couple of the STL files have errors. The pen holder has a surface that covers the hole that the screw goes through in the front. Could you please take a look at the STL files and fix them? I ordered 2 of your electronics kits recently and hope to receive them soon.

Which slicer software package are you using?

fun for easter.
but nothing more.
still some design inprovments possible though (room for a nicely hidden arduino)

Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving... We've used it to print on several gross (qty) ping pong balls to prank the MC at an annual show we do... custom lottery/bingo balls... I gifted a local golf pro with personalized balls... Or just draw on hard boiled eggs for your kids' lunches. What a small imagination you have. I hope this helps.

Nothing more? What a comment... You can have fun with it painting a ball for your dog, light bulbs, any spherical object...
As it is Open, please fell free to improve it yourself.

actually egg bots can print on any spherical object that is placed in them. So not just for easter.

your firmware is not working... can't compile it

Are you selecting "arduino Leonardo" in the Arduino IDE 1.65 ? and installed the libraries? Could you provide more info?

Hello jjrobots:

Great job
Why the piece "Rod Spacer" is so big and where it is placed?

Thanks and regards

It is no so big. Actually, it is quite small!. It works as a "separator ring" between the ball bearing and the wingnut. Take a look to this: http://jjrobots.com/sphere-o-bot-assembly-and-user-guide/

Hi! I have some different stepper motors "laying around". So it would be nice if you could upload the files in editable format so I could adapt the model to my stepper models.
Thanks and kind regards!

Something seems amiss with the axis support part in S3D.

Try again, it should be printable now for S3D: We have used the MAKEITPRINTABLE App.

Im having the same issues(but with the pen holder). Keeps crashing both S3D and slic3r.

Nice version of the eggbot. I wish someone would come up with a version that only uses servos. I feel like the stepper motors are such overkill...

The problem with the servos is their lack of accuracy. You could use 360º servos but the steps taken by the servos would be too long to draw precisely.