by Heartman Jul 22, 2016
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I have a question. I do not completely understand how should I change code for potenciometers. And can I use 10k ones ?

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Hi, I could not understand claw mechanism

Can you explain to me or show the images or videos ?

This looks like great fun!

What size is the potentiometer: 6, 9,or 14mm?

First of All... it's a very nice project... Thx !

What kind of Push Button do you use... what is the model ? Where I can buy it ?

I think the caps for the buttons are missing from the Thing files. Speaking of push buttons, which model/brand did you use?
Nice design btw. Already halfway printing this model... Can't wait to start building :-)

Oh, and I noticed another thing. The "Ctrl_Avant_Bras" piece is mounted differently in the video, compared to the rendering. Concave section downward or upwards? I guess it doesn't make much of a difference, but how was it intended?


You're right I didn't publish the caps because, believe or not, I just forgot... :)
I'm travelling for few month actually so I will fix that soon as possible.

About the Ctrl Avant bras, I don't understand what do you mean, for me it's the same orientation.


Thanks for the reply! I'll probably design some simple caps for now. And thanks for the link to the buttons that you used.
Regarding the Ctrl_Avant_Bras, I had a look again. This time with my glasses on... And you're right, they are in the same orientation. Sorry!
I've printed all parts now and it is self-explanatory anyway :-)
Will post a "Make" soon. Thanks again!

This looks like just what I am looking for. I just printed the base. The Servo fits very nicely. However, their is no play to get the wire connect down and into the hole at the bottom. Any thoughts?


At least you just have to sand a little bit the hole to fit as you need.
sometimes the dimensions depend of the printer calibration,
in my case I didn't have to make any correction.


Were can you buy the variable resistors?


I gave a link on the description, unfortunately the product is out from this Ebay seller,
but if you type trimmer ACP spain on Ebay or any online shop you will find what you need.

Even if the value is a little bit different you just have to change the code as explained in the description,
or read some comments.


anyone knows about how much material i will need in total to print everything?

I don't remember about the plastic used, but your printing sofware can give you an good estimation.


Hi, great model!

I am starting to print the parts, and was wondering why you halved the axle_pot model? are they not glued back together again?
(It looks like that in the picture)


the axes are in two part, then glued together, to have something stronger than if it printed vertically.

Thanks for your comment, for any information, don't hesitate.


one more :

The servos seem to be connected to the model with a white disc shaped thing thats glued into the print.
Is that a part that comes with the servo?

Because I can only find servos with "arm-like" fasteners on the rotating end.

Thanks Mavu,

I added your link to the project description.


Yes, most of time the accessories includes the circle shape,
as you can see here:


at least if it's not included, you can use the shape you have and stick it with glue.
but before to glue, check if the "arm-like" is in the right (middle) position.


Ahh. all those I found on ebay, didn't show the disc in pictures, I guess I'll find out if its included.

Good thing I have a 3d printer, if not :)

Edit: did indeed not have the mounting disc, made one here : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2049935

Micro-servo (SG90) round mounting plate
by mavu

Thanks for your sharing, it's realy an wonderful project.
I made it use arduino uno R3, sometimes work fine but sometimes not.
When I finish record and play it, it spends a long time (about 15~20 seconds) between two cycles, can you help me?
Thank you so much!

I got it! Thank you so much!

it al works fine. but i dont know how to decrease pause time between de cycle. at the end the arm waits a few minutes bevore it starts its round. how can i make this pause shorter.

thanks for the cool project.


For the pause time, it's simple,
the grip (hand) trimpot control the play delay.
When you play the sequence, back the tripot position in the initial position (mean hand open).

You're welcome.


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I use the arduino mega. I cant figure out where to connect my rec button. I use 50 k potmeters is that a problem?

You can use the same pin (Pin 6) on the mega board, for the Rec button.
About the 50K I guess yes, you can use this value and tweak the code
in order to have the correct range with the Servo timing value, as shown on the screen capture description.

Could you please give the detail about Switch and R?

Hi Siradech,

I'm not sure about your question,
Switch is a button when you press on it, it close and stay close, if you press again it open and stay open.
R, I suppose that you talk about the two resistors?
if yes, it's 10K resistors.

The switch button is not absolutely necessary to make the Robot working,
it's just when you close it, the bot will turn in pause mode.
if you don't want or not have a button to test your robot, it's ok, you bot will works without.
You just need the learn/play button.

In the video demonstration, I didn't have the switch button.

If you need more details, don't hesitate


Impressive design! thanks


You're welcome SiraDech,
thanks for the pic you shared.


Just gave a small tip so still keep up the cool work!


There is no small tip,
just a big heart.

Thanks a lot my friend.


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I think this is really impressive and cool! Thank you so much for making this. :)


You're welcome 3DSage,
I hope to see some of you doing the same,
I'm glad you like it.


Really nice project!


thanks Dan for your comment.