Pokeball Aimer - Pokemon Go

by Jcach Jul 22, 2016
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plz make one for a samsung a8

that is so helpful i want one

When I download iPhone 6/6s plus, they are the Samsung S6/S7 STL files, same with the galaxy s5 on myminifactory

Found on Amazon:
Using same picture assets as well.

I'm flattered by "Exquisite craftsmanship and Stylish design", but they definitely do not have permission.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Now you listen here mother flamingo, That game was the shit. If I see you with that shit on your phone I will beat your ass you cheatin mother flamingo ass bishop

While I don't condone you beating anyone's donkey, I will applaud your creativity with "mother flamingo".

that aint cheating, that's being a mcgyver

OH MY GOSH! life saver! Dude u diserve a Nobel Prize. Scientific break through! This guy is going places!

Request a cover for iPhone 5C

Will it fit on nexus 6p?

If you could make one for the iPhone 6 Plus that would be awesome!

couldd you please make a samsung s7 edge one

Wonderful thing for accessibility! Gamers with limited movement or physical control can really benefit from this.

I've had a lot of positive responses from people with hand tremors. It makes me happy to hear I'm helping :)

lot's of respect for helping the less-abled people. I really love this also in some other projects, where the 3D print community can help people who can't afford expensive equipment or when specific tool aren't available at all.

Can you make one for the galaxy s5? this is a really cool idea

Y not just design a universal one that snaps on the front with adjustable arm to adapt to differences in width

what about curveballs?

If you can you should print vertically because mine was very droopy because it needed supports.

iPhone 5 please because I'm unfortunate to have 5 instead of a 6

" Bare with me".

Is this an invitation to a nude beach or something? Or just a too heavy reliance on a spellcheck?

Hi, i just want to let you know that someone is selling this in México, he is even using the same pictures <.<, here´s the link


It's certainly making its way around the world. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Apparently these have a very tight fit. If printed in PLA, leave it in hot car or direct sunlight for a couple hours, Then slide it on your phone while its still hot..

An oven at 120 F will do the same.

This should give you a perfect fit.

If you have the option, scale it up by 1%.

can you make one for a samsung galaxy core prime? please?

I would recommend some supports. It holds the arch at the top, and helps prevent warping in the walls.

Need universal version...

Would love this for a iPhone 5s

Galaxy s6 pretty please?
This is absolutely brilliant and I want twelve of them. Don't even know what I'd do with them all but I will print it twelve times

IPHONE 5/5s/SE please!

please iPhone 6 plus

Hey, Man! Congrats for this very actual project!! I have a question does this feet to iPhone 6 Plus?


It doesn't fit the plus, but I'm curious to see if scaling it would work.
In the mean time I am endeavouring to design Pokeball Aimers to fit more phone models, such as for Samsung phones, iPhones, and many more

I printed this with an ultimaker 2 in PLA. The case is very tight, once on the phone very hard to remove. Did you encounter this problem as well?

Same problem here, had to break it to take it off in order to not damage the phone.
The back of the cover is completely unnecessary, it would be easier if this is just a clip on or an overlay with just 1 border.

The model has a 0.2mm tolerance to accommodate errors within printing. Even then, my printer still made some artefacting that I had to sand off. Hopefully that helps.

instead of making it for single phone models, why not make a universal one that works with straps or elastic bands? (there will alway be some exceptions but i could fit most)

Not like current common phones all differ from 4" to 5.5"

resizing them between screen size is easier than between models

Hey, someone is actually printing that, claiming it's their own and selling it online! They even use the same pic as yours. Here's the link: http://poketarget.pokestore.io
Hope you'll be able to take down their store, because this is such a good design!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am investigating how to report it.

Any updates on how people are printing it regarding support material?

just print it standing up.. no support needed

Heeeey guy that's awesome! Can you make a Samsung Galaxy S6 version? That will be awesome!

How is everyone printing this-- the way it loads laying down or are you rotating it so the bottom is on the build plate? I have a Zortrax M200 and I have a feeing it's gonna be a nightmare removing all the support material from the inside. Tempted to rotate so the bottom is on the plate but I'm not sure if it will print fine due to the bottom not having much contact with the plate. The Zortrax always uses a raft though so that will help.

Comments deleted.

Amazing design!

Hope you design one for Nexus 5x

Awesome! What about a Nexus 5 edition?=D

can you please make one for the iphone 6S+! i want this tonight lol

amazing! who'd love i you will make one for lg g4. please!

You should enable the 3dhubs thingiverse app on this. I bet lots of people would order prints of this. :) See: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/thingiverse/topic:5215#comment-880971

Thanks for the tip, just went through and did this.

Don't forget to go into your profile edit -> app settings and enter your paypal address so you can request tips when people order it through 3dhubs!

would love to hear your print specifics, obviously rafts and supports are needed but curious as to if you had another recommendations for slicing it prior to printing

Comments deleted.

This took my game to a hole notha level

Samsung Galaxy S7 Please Please Please

Need this for Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge phones ! I have three people that need it for these ! ( including myself ! )

I would definitely download an iPhone 5SE model!

I need one of these for my Xperia Z1 pls..

Sorry ... those who needs an aimer for Pokemon Go should better care about whats really important in life xD

You clearly aren't thinking of the bigger picture! This could help people who have disabilities or lack of motor control, to make Pokemon go accessible to those people.

Like commenting on it. GTFO

Im getting an error when slicing this in Siplify3d. Can you list the print settings?

Nice, but once you are like lvl 18 it makes you throw curve balls.

I've been hearing a lot of people say that but I believe that is either a glitch in the game or the Pokémon fighting back because, I've never had a issue throwing a poke ball straight. The game has never "made me throw a curve ball"

Every Pokemon with an orange or red circle most of the balls curve for me so it's always better to purposely curve it.

ive had a few curves with the red or orange Pokémon but like I said I believe that is the Pokémon fighting back or if its really happening every time for you it may be a glitch in the game.

I would love an iPhone 5/5S/SE model!

make it customizable!

I've activated the CUSTOMIZER app. I hope that's what you needed.