Hydroponic Plant Pot

by vik Feb 1, 2012
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Once a "Broccoli Tree" has gone rampant through a hydroponic pot, believe me it's shredded well :)

Note that PLA is defined as "commercially compostable". I.e. it'll break down in 30-45 days (or so) in commercial composting facilities where the compost is both in larger volume (hotter composting) and is turned often.

PLA will break down in home compost, but it may take considerably longer to do so. You'll really, really, really want to shred the ever living heck out of it if you do try to compost it!!

For blowers, joiners, end pieces, pots and similar low-pressure applications PLA does not noticeably change, though it will bleach out colour in direct sunlight.

I can't say I've tried pressurised fittings but I'd be wary :)

Very Nice!

Btw, does PLA's physical properties change when used in this context?
I was thinking something like this: http://our.windowfarms.org/2011/12/20/aquaponic-window-garden-with-aeratorpump-mod/http://our.windowfarms.org/201...
(Makes fine curtains... next year I suppose)

This would enable me to print your pots and either make modifi
cations for eyelets on em and/or print a platform that also could act as a structural component with eyelets for strings.

But I guess PLA get weak when hydrated?
Also, since I do not buy sugar-random ester-coloringsubstance-water-products or even worse buy plain water; I do not want to support tha
t industry.