Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Velleman K8200 Z motor design

by Charlies3DT Jul 22, 2016
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would it be possible to add a version using 8mm rods? I like the clean design but i don't feel like buying two new 10mm rods + bearings. I have 8mm on one side and 10mm on the other.

Absolutely the cleanest dual Z conversion I've seen so far. Very nice! Printing as I type.

Hi. I'm building a Velleman k8200 with a 30x30 alluminium profile, but i have much problems with the z carriage mount because the parts that I printed is for 27.5 profile. What kind of profile you use for your project?
If isn't a 30x30 profile can you help me?
Thank you


I use the profiles from the frame it self. What profiles do you use? The ones of the frame or other ones?

I'using the same profile but is 30x30 mm while yours is 27.5x27.5

Hi Charlie,
I'm currently printing this out but have discovered that all the holes are measuring for 8mm. The stock kit has 2 x 10mm rods to support the z axis carriage (plate with 4 bearings), and 1 x 8mm rod that was supporting the other side of the z - cross bar (?).

Here's what my setup looked like a while ago: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:202566

Could you please make some adjustments on the files to accommodate the larger bearing size (10MM) ?

Here's a list of adjustments that would help solve this for me:
1 X Charlies3DT_K8200_MM_1_1.STL - ( motor mount without the z endstop tab ) - sized for the 10mm rods
1 X Charlies3DT_K8200_MM_2_2.STL - ( z axis carraige without the z endstop mount) - sized for 10mm rods and bearings (bearings: 19mm outside diameter)
1 X Charlies3DT_K8200_MM_3.STL - (rod holders for size without z endstop) - sized for 10mm rods

I've gone through several implementations for the dual Z axis and this, by far, is the cleanest solution.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Hanging Z axis mount for Velleman K8200/3drag with velleman K8204 Trapezoid leadscrew upgrade


The holes for the smooth rods are 10 mm? And i will adjust the files but today is crazy here so no time for the moment.

And also for the bearings the radius for that is 19,5 mm so they should fit?

Hi Charlie,
The outside diameter of the larger 10mm smooth rods are 10.05mm, so the holes could be a bit larger, something like 10.15 mm for a snug fit.

The outside diameter of the bearings themselves are 19.5mm. I just checked and it looks like they will just fit.
I can try clearing out the holes for 10mm but wanted to see if reprinting a different model would be better.

I was able to print and install everything. Seems to work ok for using the 2 10mm rods.

hi your design is awesome
simple and professional
but the top and bottom holes at the linear ball bearings are too small
i needed to enlarge them


Thank you for the notifications. What drill did you use for them? I will adjust the files. Thats why it's a work in progress.

11,5mm should be enough

are all the smooth rods 10mm like the original?

Yes they are. Just the same size.

Oki, have started to print these...

how many of each stl do i need?

You need to print each part 1 time exept the file nr 3 that one you need 2 times.

Watch out these are made for our spindels so i don't know if they will fit what you want to use.

I plan to use your spindle... can i get them without the motors ? or will that screw up things?

i do have 2 extra motors on the shelf collecting a lot of dust :-D

I would love to give you only the spindles but the motors and spindles are one piece...

figured it

nr 1 and 2 are the holders for the steppers..
3 and 4 are the 2 bits that goes on each end of the Z bar

no problem i can find a use for my steppers at some point

the first file does not have a image.... nr3 and 4 looks almost the same... what is the difference?

They are almost the same only the holder for the endstop is fitted on them and also the posibility to add a screw to reglate the Z height.

Got it... so last on list is the one to print 2 times

You will get an order next month... Just doing research on what improvements to do.

Takes some time as some improvements does not bring enough new that i call it real improvement

Yes that sound great let me know what you would like to improve more!

printing the last part now... its a good fit but i will need to drill the holes the 10mm rods as they are just a tad to tight... but better than than loose

time to make a list of parts needed... do you have hardware to sell not on your website?

Going to print the 2 big end bits that also has the bearings in them...

Do i see correct that you added support in them?

the other bits came out nice... thou i had to use support on the motor holders or else the overhang would look crappy

may i ask what program you used to make these? and could you provide bits that does not have any support build in to to them so i can manage support via the slicer?

i have also added a small bridge to protect the flat ribbon for the bed

looking at the machine i think the next will be to add some protection for the endstops...

the x one is direct to the motor and big risk of the wires getting in contact with the motor axle

also the Y endstop is a bit troublesome.... for both endstops the adjuster screw is a pain to get at.

other than that i think the printer is ok as such

I have allready changed to GT2 belts as i also had that in a box of parts

I also have a 30A psu so maybe change the bed... but only if i cant get 60 degree

i dont plan to print ABS, PLA only on this one... but i will test the temp thing tomorrow

have you published the MK2 onversion?

A tip... the motor holders could benefits from support on some machines :-D