Ikea Enclosure for Monoprice Maker Select/Wanhao Duplicator i3

by dirtsky Jul 22, 2016
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Hey there, great idea here! I was just wondering, could you give me the link to that extruder design? Thanks.

el stl del pono de la puerta no esta.

Has anyone found that these tables are a bit short? I just put one together and maybe it's just because I'm used to a different height/viewing angle but it seems really low.

I just looked it up on ikea's site because I'm thinking about building one. They are 17 3/4 inches tall. Stacking two makes them about 3 feet high, three will bring you to about 4 1/2 feet. I haven't yet decided on two or three... will probably get three just in case. They are $8 each.

Some have combined this design with some table leg extenders for some extra height. I personally have three of these tables stack on eachother for my printer to be a bit higher, and for another surface of storage.

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Would this fit the Wanhao i3 Plus?

Hi. Nice setup! I like the way u have the control box suspended under Lack enclosure. I had an idea to hold it up w heavy magnets but haven't done anything yet (its sitting on top of a box). U said to another poster that u used a bracket i think to hold it up? And yeah, it does stink that Wanhao doesn't put quick disconnects on wires for people who have enclosures. I constantly have to unscrew my enclosure back plate in order to slide whole printer out when doing mods on it etc. I don't see the little bracket on the thing files list which holds the one cable up.
Is there a way to post a pic along with your comments?

For the control box, how many mounts did you print and what screws did you use (width and length)?

I used to mounts for the control box and the screws were some 1in self tapping screws I had laying around.

stupid question how do i remove wires so i can put the controlle box under table on my wanhao i3 v2

You will have to disassemble the control box to remove the wires. I have seen people run them out the back of the enclosure which would work also.

I was wondering what plastic you printed these parts out of. I have PLA on my printers at the moment but don't want to use that if you don't think it would hold up well.

Sorry for the late reply. I used PLA for everything in the enclosure. It works fine honestly. If you're doing a new extruder you will defeinitely need something that is higher temp capable.

I think i'm going to put a concrete slab on the bottom of my MK2, it really made it more stable.

Which do I have to print to hold the glass wall in and where are the hinges for the door?

See description for links:

For the hinges, I used
these, and for the door handle I used this handle. (Thanks justindp2006 for finding it)

I'm going to be updating the page with some of my more recent changes and I will also restructure how the description is.So keep checking here in the next few days.

Hey, how is the sound-proofability (sorry for bad grammar) with this enclosure? :D

Well if you have a hardwood floor it echoes through the floor. Being on a carpet floor I barely here it running besides my power supply fan.

Do you have instructions on how to do this? I don't know where to start (besides the two tables of course). Do I build the one on the instructables you linked?

I pretty much followed the tutorial I mentioned then decided on my own material for the sides and made my own brackets for the printer and angle brackets for the sides.

hi. ive bought the two tables but wondering how you connected them so that they dont move. did you just use glue? love your design thanks

Yes, I used some wood glue and it works perfect. Alot people are making there own adapters so they can make the top table removable.

How warm does it get inside the enclosure, and did you notice any difference in print quality?

It get pretty warm inside. Don't know a definite temperature off hand though. Never really checked.

How did you wire everyhting?

I originally disconnected everything from the control box so I could run the cables through the table. I've now gone to a different setup with this enclosure as I have updated my MakerSelect over to a RAMPS 1.4 control board. If there is interest I could update this accordingly or post a remix of how my setup looks now.

I am just getting ready to buy the stuff for my Lack enclosure, i'd be very interested in the updated files :)

Did you replace the cable cover? Mine came with a weird, electrical tape like wrap over the cables, but I like your mesh one a lot more! Is that just how Monoprice ships them, or did you do it yourself? (I have the Microcenter rebrand version, not sure if they differ at all)

I did the mesh setup myself. I got tired of the coil like wrap that was on there and wanted something a little more springy and rigid.

What knob/dial is that you are using? I like it and would like to print it, could you link the file?

Wanhao Duplicator i3 Control Knob

How did you get the wire through the lack

I took apart the control box and ran the wires through a hole I cut in the bottom lack.

what is the size of the hole on the top hfor the gromet?

Honestly I forgot. LOL!! I will have to re-measure and get back to you.

You ever find out the size?

I would like to know this too.

Is it better to screw it down to the table or keep the z braces I added on?

Honestly if you have the braces already installed on your printer, you are better off with them. Why change something that works right?

I'm having issues repositioning the printer and wonder if it's easier to just lock it down?

Did you use 2 Lack tables?

"I originally wanted to use the Ikea Stuva cabinet but, they have discontinued that line so I chose the next best thing which is the Lack Tables."

Very nice and really cool job.

I'm thinking of attaching all the sides with neodymium magnets and a rubber seal so that I have easy access from any side. On one of the sides, I will cut a half-circle in the bottom and run wires through there. This way, I won't have to detach any cables. Do you think it will work?

FYI, the hinges suggested here only open 90 degrees and do not have countersunk holes. If these things matter to you (they do to me) I'd suggest checking out some other hinges. I'm about to give these a shot:

Print-In-Place Hinge for Wanhao Duplicator 4S

I may have to check these out.

Sorry if I'm just missing this somewhere but which mount did you use for the camera? I think I've got that exact camera but can't find a mount I really like but that one looks great. Thanks.

Here is a link to the camera mount I'm using.


Logitech C270/310 Universal Webcam Mount (Scews or 3M VHB)
by ps915

I just ordered the tables from IKEA and will start this build in the beginning of January. I will post some pictures when its finished. Im excited to get this all setup. What other mod recommendations do you have for this printer? I just got mine for Christmas and it seems that some of the current popular mods have been done by the manufacturer (rounded bed screws). Once im ready to try ABS Im going to buy an all metal hotend.

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Hi, can I ask about 2 pieces it looks like you printed but are not here? The (also) orange wire cable mgmt hooks for the control box power cable, and the bowden tube mount actually looks like it changed in one pic it's orange in others it's gray I think but looks printed where your tube fitting it screwed into and mounts on top side and also look like hides your filament filter if you wouldn't mind sharing the link or files to those too I'd really appreciate it!

Of all the Ikea Lack enclosures, yours is my favorite if you saw my room (I'll post enclosure pics soon) we look like twins everything in mine is orange printed for the i3 related anything to go with the black.

The difference, I took a risk to go big and am trying to do something a bit different with these enclosures and my of i3's. :) And, filament storage as well something I'm working on that I'll definitely share here. So, anything else on yours would probably help me since our themes are identical but those clips and the bowden definitely caught my eye! Nice build!

Thank you for the kind words. Those cable mounts I forgot to mention in the post but I will update the post when. I re-find them. But I did use some of these from this thing,

These work really well.

Now for the Bowden tube mount, can you reference what pic you are looking at? I'm not sure I'm understanding. If your talking g about the extruder motor mount I think I linked it but I could double check.

Cable Mount 25x25x8 mm (for Nylon Clamps)
by HY8R1D

Sorry it's in most the pics but as example pic #4 where your PTFE tube comes out the top and then attaches to the top left corner edge of the table - looks like a printed piece that your bowden tube brass fitting is screwed into......does that help? Basically, I'm looking to also attach my PTFE tube to this enclosure I've seen some models listed for connecting it to the extruder, but you could certainly share that part too but it's really the side that attachés to the enclosure I'm asking about.

EDIT: Pic #1 it actually looks like it's also an orange printed piece in that pic that the brass fitting it screwed into that then mounts it to the table.

Thanks again!

Ah you're talking about the extruder motor mount. I thought that is what you were talking about. Here is a link:

This can be mounted to the side of the frame as well with the holes it has.

Simple Wanhao i3 Bowden Mount

Did you make custom cable management clips, or did you find those elsewhere?
Great assemblage, btw...

They were ones I found here on thingiverse.

How did you separate the control box from the printer?

I disassembled the control box and fed the wires through. Only way it could be done

Thanks, I plan on making this sometime in December and I'll be sure to post a make!

Hey im wondering what kind of screws did you use for mounting the control box below the table? I have it printed out just not sure what screw to use.

I used some self tapping pan head screws.

What length screws? I just want to make sure that I use the right ones for mounting the power control box

Anyone make a larger version of this yet to enclose printer with Y axis extensions (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1495689), and Azza's Z axis bracing/extension (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1444979)? I'm thinking of doing something similar, I already have my printer and control box mounted to a piece of MDF on a table, so I would just need to build the walls and a roof. I would also probably move my control box under the assembly, and add some type of ventilation system so I can print ABS inside (printer is in living area of house).

Wanhao Duplicator i3 Y-Axis extension
Z Extensions for Wanhao Duplicator i3, Cocoon Create, and Maker Select
by AzzA

Did you ever find if you could do something like this for the y extensions?

No, I just ended up re purposing an old tv armor as a cabinet.

I have made a few accessories to go with this setup, which I love by the way.


PVC Filament Rack

Would the control box fit inside the enclosure by chance? Hard to tell.

Also, is there a reason to put the filament on the outside? Is putting it in the enclosure bad for any reason?

The way I have it setup right now, there is no way the control box is fitting inside. I put the filament on the outside as I have my extruder motor outside of the enclosure. I converted my printer to a bowden style extruder.

This is awesome, thank you. I've starting printing off bit and pieces and will post some pictures once I'm done.

Very Nice. I can't wait to see everybody elses.

How did you mount the control box..? I can't figure out how I'd detatch the wires to feed through the hole at the bottom

What slicer are you using? I used Cura. When I loaded the control box mounts I scaled them 1% larger to compensate for PLA shrinkage. Was still pretty snug when I mounted it to the bottom of the table. It's a little easier if you have a second person hold the box in place. Also I have a different control box back. I have one setup for a 80mm fan. Give me a second and I will post it.

Edit: Here is the back plate I'm using to have an 80mm fan. In his picture you find the fan in the wrong way. You will want it to blow air out of the case not in.


Wanhao i3 Back Plate for 80mm and 70mm Fan

Im trying to figure out how to put the wires in the hole, did you detach them from the printer? If so, how did you do that. You can't detach the heated beds wires..

I can mount it just fine, I just can't mount it where you did because I can figure out how to put the wires through without taking them all off the printer and reattaching them. Yes I'm using cura! And I did the scaling and the brackets fit beautifully!

Ooooh OK. I detached them from the control box. There was no other way unless you use some high quality connectors inline. If you detach them make sure you take lots of pics.

Oh boy.. I already detached a bunch Oh lord this will be fun haha

I believe I still have some of my pics. I'll take a look.

Awesome thanks!

Hey I put all back together and now the screen doesn't work..

Did you make sure the screen is plugged in before putting back together?

Okay, first off. Love this. Second, I AM making this currently

Very nice. Hope to see some pics.

What did you use for the front door?

I used a 1/4in thick piece of acrylic

Where did you source it from? Places like HomeDepot sell it for crazy money.

Well at the time I got it at Home Depot but you could go to a glass shop and they could cut it to size. May even be pricier if you go that route.

The Lack side table appears to come in two sizes. Did you use the 21 and 5/8" version, or the 22" version?

I believe I used the 22" version but I would have to double check.

I'm waiting for the delivery from IKEA. Great idea. I bought a coffee table and a side table. This will have more room for everything lying on my desk right now. And I'll put my FabScanPi-box on it.

That would be it. Thank you. I will update the description with the link.

Looks awesome, great job. I am glad I came across your build that was structured from that other one, I have seen the other one and am actually planning my build off of that. I really like the things you added. I will be building an enclosure for my Wanhao Duplicator i3 PLUS.

Very nice. I would like to see how that printer works for you as I thought about purchasing one. I'm also debating on making the Print Table from www.printtable.com

I have only recently come across the printtable, but I agree on its an awesome idea that I also will pursue sometime down the road.
What did you use for hinge pins?

For the hinge pins I used a few M3 screws. I think at least 20mm in length. I just put a little super glue on the tip so they would stick to one of the hinges.

I will definitely try those, I am also going to try and print some 3mm pins and see if those will work as well. I am just starting to get parts printed/bought to start on mine, updates will be in the future!


I used a nail and it worked PERFECTLY. Forget the size diameter but can look if it helps.

I didn't even think about a nail. Nice.

Looks great! On the top grommet, why not make the top grommet extend all the way down? As it is I would be worried the bottom might fall down....

I originally wanted to make the grommets meet halfway but, I believe I measured wrong. The grommets are glued in place.

Is the hole in the bottom table for running the wires to the control box? If so, how did you get the wires to run through there?

Yes that how I have it setup. I disassembled the control box and took alot of pictures and reattached everything after I had the wire ran through.

does the corrugated plastic hold the heat in well? I'm between that and ply wood at the moment.

Seems to do a pretty good job so far from I've printed but, I have a fan mounted on the right hand side. I don't think I took any pics of it. Whoops.

do you think a geeetech i3 will also fit?

Honestly I'm not too sure. I had my doubts about mine as well. I have a13mm gap from the top of my printer to the top of my enclosure.

That is a beautiful build. Well done!

Thank you very much. Been working on it the last week. It's taught me a lot on using 123D design which has been a lot of fun.