Fantasy viking house

by Terrain4Print Jul 24, 2016
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More great files... bought the whole set :)

Thank you very much!

What are the dimensions needed for the print bed?

The gables are the biggest part, about 140x100mm. The roofs are a little smaller 125x70mm. Actual house parts are smaller.

it's Fantasy 3D work a lot
i very like outside pattern..
good job.
If inside same .. That's awesome..

hi ive just printed this and the front part of the roof seems to be missing the only trim part is the 1 with the curved beam sticking out of it is there not a file for the 1 in the pic

Good spot. That was probably an early version I printed. I can see if I find time to upload it without the curved beam.

Very nice work - i like it ;)

@modelbauwelten, danke schön, thank you very much! :-)

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Great work! I love this! I just printed out a whole spool of brown PLA+ and it was enough to make a whole fort set up.

I used an FDM Flashforge Finder so I can answer your questions:

I need to know how the front roof fits on the front house:
It's tight but it fits fine. I knocked off one post by accident trying to get it to fit, but I find the amount of work to fit it is acceptable. If you were to change it, adjust by 0.5mm to make it easy but you don't have to.

I need to know how the knot pattern works out on your printers? (is it to small):
The knot pattern worked out great I thought. I'm printing at 0.18mm.

The interior needs some serious love:
Yeah, but to be honest it's still an amazing model. Just mirror the wood pattern on the walls and continue the stone floor and it'd be good enough.

Different versions that for instance makes it more hollow (to save material):
At 10% infill I thought it was fine the way it was. I think I could have even gone lower. If you had to pick you priorities, I would do the interior before doing this.

Overall the models work well together. The raised floor is great because it makes more sense for what the fencing looks like. It also looks amazing. It's easy enough to cut out the floor in a slicer.

I think having a one piece model would be nice for both the roof and floor. Although my Flashforge Finder can't print it, my Creator Pro can.

Thanks again for making these. They are all awesome and I love your work! I especially love the paint guide which is the next thing I have to do.

Thank you MisterKee, good luck with the painting and playing! ;-)
I couldn't help posting an update about your print on my kickstarter project.

You make amazingly nice 3D models Markus!

Thanks for sharing them with the 3D printing community. :)

Beautiful work. I am printing it! Would be nice if the door could be opened! But it is great!

Thanks. :-)
Looking forward to see how it turns out on your printer.

I build the roof in 3 pieces, but I wish I would joint together.
The details are amassing. Good job.
I joined the house together, I made a few modifications, and started printing. Hope by tomorrow morning to finish printing. It is a 15-16 hour print.
I wish I had WOOD pla, or at lease brown, to imitate wood.
Will post pictures with the finish home.

Still lots to do before I am finished. But at least the segments fit together good now.

Nice to hear. I'm looking forward to see your prints. :-)
I am working all spare time to make the finishing touches. But my vacation is over and I now have to do my day work as well. :-)

I'm working on:
Making everything match.
Adding windows and chimney.

Nice model. I will print it in the next days. I would suggest to reduce the floor in the house, it is a waist of material, and if the house is glued together, there is no way to see inside. Leave the front porch and the stair as it is. And you could add a model of the house without the roof, maybe someone will want to print all the house in one piece and also the roof in one piece. I know I want to print in one piece.

Thanks! Good suggestions. I will make two variants, with and without floor inside. When the inside is done, it will have a stone floor and wood walls. Perhaps a fireplace as well.

I look forward to see your print. :-)

Good idea.
Also, the stone pattern and the roof pattern does not mach when you put all 3 sections of the house and the roof together.
The house doesn't have any windows?
I will slice and start printing once you will modify it.
Waiting for it.

This looks very nice. What scale is this approximately, 18 mm, 25 mm, ?

Thanks! It is intended to be 28mm. I am working on improving my photography setup and I will include some minis.

thanks for the reply, i think at 28 mils scale it would look awesome with some figures to add to the diorama.