Air Assist for Diode Lasers [33x33mm]

by Pawpawpaw85 Jul 24, 2016
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I am printing it now, don't know if it works for my situation.
But I was looking at the design and this is some professional high quality design! Nice work!

Hope it'll work well for you! :)

Uhh it didn't :( it didn't want to stay fixed with the single screw. Also the Tiewrap hit the outside when adjusting the focus ring. And the fan didn't blow that much. Also the laser gets hot there, so mounting it on the heat-sink was not the best idea. One small but very annoying thing was the M3 screw that didn't stay fixed and started rotating so I had to put a screwdriver in my mouth while holding the case in place and the hex-key in the other hand ;) Another small thing was that I hit my frame instead of the endstops, so had to adjust the endstops too!
So yeah...not great results, but it only costed some filament because I already had the fan. And I learned from it. So thanks for that!

With cardboard I had not much results , but that could be the cause that I couldn't do a good focus. But also that you do not get lots of fumes and dust from cardboard.

Still think you designed it very awesome and was very easy to print. Printed in PETG.

The screw should be able to fix it in place quite tight, the M3 nut shouldnt need to be held in place either, not sure why that is the case for you as I've not heard of it before, have you tried measuring to see if its printed in correct scale?
The fan does not need to blow very much, as long as you get a positive air pressure at the spot of cutting, it'll clear the smoke effectively from the laser beam which is that it's supposed to do; making sure you have nothing obstructing laser beam that might reduce its cutting power.
The part does not block much of the cooling ability of the laser module as it only covers a small part of it.
A small zip-tie should be used so that when the excessive part of it is cut, it wont hit the case inside.

Hope some of it helps at least!

Hi, Thank you for very useful object. Can I ask you to explane better (maybe with some picture) how to link the cables for the supply of the fan?
Thanks again.

It works very well. I have installed it in a Eleksmaker A3 Pro 2500mw laser. For a cut that without this improvement needed 10-11 passes now its perfectly cut in 7-8 passes at the same speed. Thank you very much!!

Thanks for the comment and glad it helped! Yes clearing the smoke away from the laserbeam helps a great deal :)

Hello, Would it be possible to shrink the focus wheel part so it would fit a 12mm focus ring?

And chance for a design to suit the new 5500 Elekslaser? It has a new bracket design. The module it 44x38.5. Or perhaps you could release the files so i could edit them?

Hello. I'm currently working on a 40x40 design, but 44x38.5 should be possible. Unforutnately I dont have that module myself so it's diffuclt to know what fits. Do you have drawing of the module?

The thickness of the mount plate is 5mm. So according to the diagram it will be 44mmx39mm,

For that laser you need a completely different type of air assist since air has possability to move upwards through the fins (standard laser modules are more solid around the actual laser diode.
Whats goodis you can use airflow from the original fan, but the design I have here wont work well.

Did you ever get around to making one of these to fit a 40mm laser by any chance? I've got a 2.5 watt laser that I'm trying to rig an air assist for. I was hoping to find something I could hook an air compressor to, but everything I found on thingiverse is for the chinese round style co2 laser heads. This was the closest I could find, but it's too small for my laser. So Anything you can do would be awesome.

Hello. Unfortunately I did not, due to the reason I cannot run the laser anymore where I live currently.
But I still got the 40mm module and will be moving shortly hopefully so perhaps can make a model for it but not sure when Ill have the time.

It'd be helpful if you can post which exact model you have so can see if there's any differences between models also.

Any chance you could customize this to fit around the typical ebay heatsink. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Silver-12mm-Aluminum-Cooling-Housing-Heat-Sink-Holder-Mount-Part-F-Laser-Module/302406250765?epid=26006898948&hash=item4668d1310d:g:F3wAAOSwx2VZhmt9

all of the dimensions are listed on that ebay listing. its pretty much 27mm deep 22mm wide and 58mm tall very similar design otherwise. I know a ton of folks using this heatsink with the leo69 "MPCNC 2.8w $100 laser add-on" as found here. https://www.vicious1.com/forum/topic/mpcnc-2-8w-100-laser-add-on-complete/

I have just built the open-builds acro and moved my laser it. I will have to adapt it to the openbuilds acro plate (which I have no problem doing, while re-creating the entire thing would be a learning curve lol). I would really apprecaite it! Excellent design.


Will this work with the newer machines with the aluminum laser bracket?

It's made for a laser module that's 33x33mm and has it's mounting point against a flat surface. If these conditions are OK, then it should fit.
There's a lot of machines available, but if you post a picture of which you mean perhaps its possible to see if it may work or not.

I hear you. I have the EleksMaker A3 pro that I bought from banged. Here is the link because I do not have a picture handy.

Will your piece work with the blue mounting bracket for the laser module?

It's difficult to say as the pictures are very small. But if I understand it correctly, the aluminum piece wraps around the laser module.
As the laser module is not fastened against a flat surface on that machine, it may not be possible to mount the air assist, unless you mount the laser module at a low position in that aluminum piece to get the clearance needed.

So, I have the main piece printed and it fits great on my laser module. It does not fit on the new module bracket from Eleksmaker though. In order to use your air assist design, I will have to take off the bracket. No big deal. I do not swap my lasers out much and that is what it is for.

I was almost done with the focus lense part before it broke off from the bed. Was about 90% done too! Ah well, time to run it again.

Thanks pawpaw for the great design. Now my laser can look like Ralph's

Thanks for posting how it went and hope it'll work well for you! :)
Good to know it could still be used on the machine you used too.

Well, one way to find out

can i get the gantry of this laser? thabks

How do you mean?

well i have the extrusion so i just want to know if you can scan the dimension of your laser engraver carriiage plate i can made it my self. thanks

Ah, sorry sold that gantry a few weeks ago. Using my own made gantry now that when I get everything in great performance will share it on Thingiverse.


Great design!

The laser module I use is 30 x 30mm square.

Would you be willing to share the source files or produce a new version for lasers with a 30mm x 30mm heatsink?



Hello Mike. I've stopped given out source files for my designs as other people previously have started selling my designs online, and having those files original has been the only way I have been able to prove to be the creator and to take the files down from the sites.

That being said, I'm already planning on making a new version for a 40x40 size so I might be able to do a 30x30 at the same time if I have enough time.
Do you have any more information on the module you're using or a link to it, I need to know a few more things like the diameter of the focus adjust ring, the height of adjustment ring, and such.

Understandable about the source files. Anyway, depending on what design tools you use (ie: Blender), the learning curve for me could be very steep.

Here is the module I use: http://www.ebay.com/itm/141961236713

I prefer this heatsink design as the air from the fan runs through the unit providing better cooling (the others with the fan at the top and no ducting serve little purpose in my view).

I believe the focus ring is standard for M9 lenses but I'll check and get back to you.

I had my laser mounted to a Printrbot Metal Simple but sharing the Marlin interface was not the best. I plan to build a CoreXY engraver based on this design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1644575 and run it with GRBL 1.1 and a RPi with the LaserWeb server.

If you could adapt your design for my laser head, that would be much appreciated.

Parts for CoreXY laser engraver - Part I
by Rogoz

Actually the design of that specific heatsink may be an issue; Air might go up through the heatsink instead of going down as it should, depending on back pressure etc, I guess have to be tested.

With the design of that specific heatsink, wouldnt it be possible to just funnel that airflow you already got to be collinear with the laserbeam after the focusing wheel?

I'm almost done with a first version of a CoreXY design that I will be releasing when its finalized (currently there is a 0.07mm deviation that I'd like to eliminate or reduce to at least 0.02mm to be satisfied)

Jonas, great design on the CoreXY. First time I see the CoreXY design implemented so the belts are on one plane: no rubbing issues? Let me know when it's final, I'll probably git it a try.

You are right about the backfeed potential. The air assist shroud could then just be a square unit with no port. The top fan is not overly powerful so it may need to be replaced with the squirrel fan

The lens is a 9mm unit and the ring is 12mm wide x 4.5mm thick

The goal is to make as cheap as possible gantry for a CoreXY system to use for a laser engraver/cutter, but not sacrificing precision.
This means that every part there is should be functional both in function and providing the frame stiffness.
This is the 3rd design attempt, the first two ones had the belts at different levels and that caused forces during movement as well as tensing the belts that distorted the frame. (Thats the reason why (all?) CoreXY machines that can be found use really sturdy alu-frames and only use the shafts for the linear movement is that they have to be that sturdy to handle the forces from the belts.
Aligning the belts in the same level pretty much eliminates all of this issue and it has let me be able to use the shafts for linear motion and as the structure for the gantry, and it also stabilizes the frame geometry the more the belts are tensed (unlike having them at different planes since that causes twist to the gantry). So far I have not seen any issues with crossing the belts.

I'll see what can be done with the air assist if possible to block some of the airflow., having radial fan on top and making a different kind of air assist would probably be better for that laser module, but since I dont have one of those modules I cant really spend the time to design one like that. (maybe it already exist?)

hi can i get the dxf file for your gantry plate laser machine if you can measure it thanks

Hello. What file is it you're referring to? Do you have a link to a picture?

im referring to the plastic gantry plate that holding the laser and the gantry plate on both side (x+ y carriage) slide on the aluminum extrusion(the plastic golden looking plate in your picture). they all sell the frame gantry plate + electric as a full kit but i just want the gantry plate so can you scan your gantry plate?

Unfortunately I can not. Disassembly and assembly it again and get everything squared will take two hours of work. Plus you need the included parts of exact dimensions, they are not using standard V-wheelbearings. The spare time I have is fully focused on getting a CoreXY version of the machine up and running, cant spend it on this gantry sorry.

Basically; the standard gantry is a terrible design, you dont want to copy that...

If you're interested, you can find some info on the gantry I'm working on here: http://benboxlaser.us/index.php?topic=691.0

And the forum that's great for these types of machines where you can find more info: http://www.benboxlaser.us/

thank but i already bought alot of the 2040 vslot so i try to use them all

Ah, would recommend that you use a CoreXY design using those, like http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1001065
You'll need to design the laser mount yourself but the rest can most likely be used.
That way you'd have a much more stable gantry than the ones that come with these kits!

D-Bot Core-XY 3D Printer

just a question, can i get a backup of your arduino control firmware .hex file?

For what laser? Most use j-tech one you can find here for example: http://benboxlaser.us/index.php/topic,50.0.html
They are however not for CoreXY. The firmware I'm using is not finalized yet, and will likely build on grbl 1.1

This is a great design and great solution. It works perfectly on my FolgerTech 3D Printer.

Thanks again for a great solution and design.

thanks for this, why the air assist is better for laser ?


Here are some benefits of using the air assist:
It removes smoke that otherwise block the laser beam, constantly giving highest cutting power.
It prevents smoke from getting onto the focusing lens, will not need to be cleaned as often.
It gives a much larger focusing ring, making focusing easier and less chance of fingers getting into the beam.

Thanks a lot for the design and posting. It works as a dream. Just the focus wheel was a little thin for my simple printer (Prusa I3 Acrylic). One side was broken, where it goes from the full circle into the gated area.


Thanks a lot for the design and posting. It works as a dream. Just the focus wheel was a little thin for my simple printer (Prusa I3 Acrylic). One side was broken, where it goes from the full circle into the gated area.