U-Wing Fan Design

by aaskedall Jul 26, 2016
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There appears to be a gap in the model just after bridging the engines together. Anyone else experienced this issue? Using Cura 3.0.4

For some reason I can't add a file to show the photo.

I just re-uploaded some repaired meshes that should take care of any issues. Let me know!

This looks much better, thank you!

Happy printing! if it comes out well please post a make :)

What moving parts are there?

Can you post a version that has the cockpit area filled in for more strength? I'm trying to find a software to do it myself, but I'm not having any luck.

That's not a bad idea. Will do.

Comments deleted.

Awesome, It would be rad if you shared a Make or a photo.

Can you move the wings?

Currently it's just a solid model.

Great model. I'm curious what slicer you used and what your printer settings are. Simplify3D completely chops off the laser guns in front of the cockpit at standard scale, and leaves out the middle portion of them at 200%.

Update: I managed to fix this by selecting "Merge all outlines into a single solid behavior" on the Advanced tab, under Slicing Behavior.

So, I used MakerBot Desktop to slice these out and it seemed to do the trick. That being said, I've ran it through netfabb quite a few times and designed it in blender so sometimes the mesh can turn into a jerk real quick. Glad you got it up and running. Can't wait to see the print.

I've done two prints now, one before the fix I mentioned and one after. Printing your original STL I lose the laser cannons, but I now realized that I lost some detail on the engines too. The knurled texture at the top and bottom is completely missing.

The print after I did the fix has the laser cannons, but it filled in the top of the engines so you can't see down into them from the top (which is one of my favorite details of the model!). It just capped the engines off solid with a little dimple in the middle.

I don't know if there's anything you can do to fix the model but I'd love to get it perfect. It kind of feels like flipped faces?... Usually Netfabb works great for me so I'm surprised it can't fix it. I also tried running it through makeprintable.com, but it made major alterations to the geometry and that's no good.

Yeah, when i get some free time I'll go in and try and edit the mesh, blender makes some poopy decisions sometimes. The detail on the engines I also noticed doesn't really come out at smaller scales, the slicer tends to just treat them as round.

Just for reference, this is a slice of the STL in Simplify3D at 200%. You can see that entire layers are missing in the hull along with the lower portion of the laser canons. Netfabb doesn't fix it at this point. The only solution I've found is the one I mentioned above, but unfortunately it causes the engines to cap off so you can't see into them.


I just re-uploaded some repaired meshes that should take care of any issues. Let me know!

Coolest SW model to-date, thanks for the upload.