Full Head Jack Skellington

by bermantdesigns Jul 26, 2016
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Is the full head the size for an average person? It seems that way. I sliced it myself and did a test eye print; seemed accurate.

Going to post a remix soon of it smoother with ONE minor manifold fix. :)

The head is yes a good fit for any real sized head. Although the neck hole will need to be bigger. I realized it after I put it all together and dremmiled it out.

That I can do also in my remix. What would you say the length of the hole ended up being?

Maybe dor my smaller sized head it ended up being arpund 10-12 inches for an easy slip on

How easy would it be for you to digitally make the hole bigger so it's ready for print? :)

I printed one out, dremeled a bit, and I eventually got it to where I want but it's not perfect and I'm afraid I'll cut too much off manually. Is this possible?

I believe somone has remixed this helmet and made the hole bigger if I'm not mistaken. I can look into making it bigger if the one that is remixed isn't big enough.


Jack Skelington Full Head Smoothed

Oh wow, they did. I'll work off that one.

Their's really isn't "smooth". I'll upload a real remix of both of you guys' using your design and his hole. And true smooth. :)

Thank you, sir! I won't know till I print so I'll go from there and see tomorrow.

I will say when I made mine in the picture it is 29 pieces. So the hole wasnt a big deal for me to shape. Mine is a lot smoother just looking off the poly count. I didnt want to up the "smooth" factor when modelling because I didnt want the mouth to be impacted too much. I can't wait to see your finished print!

And that 100% makes sense. I think the ONLY reason I'm doing all this is because I'm printing as one complete head, not in parts. So just requires a tad more work. :)

I also can't wait to show you! Hope it comes out as good, will definitely let you know.

How did you glue the pieces? How do you put it on and removed? What about the eyes?

I used super glue at first then used an epoxy on the outside for a smoothing affect. The eyes I started with first so I could make sure the front piece of the helmet looked the best. After it was all glued together I had to cut the bottom hole bigger to fit my head.

Thanks. For the eyes, I intent to glue black mesh fabric from the inside, is this what you did?

I got a very light knit jersey fabric. Then super glued one spot and then stretched the fabric around the inside eye lid and glued slowly to make sure there were no wrinkles.

Thanks. Model is printing right now. Will post when complete!

I'm currently printing this with supports. According to the slicer, looks like it needs about 2510 feet of filament, or 765,000mm. So, 2 1/2 spools. 3 days to print.

I found there are some you can rotate 90 degrees on their side will cut down time and support material. Any of the real angled ones are best rotated. They will also adhere to the bed better. Hope this helps before you finish all of them

Oh I'm printing the entire head.stl in one print lol.

Hi, is there any chance of getting the full model?
I'd like to make it a little smaller, make the mouth a bit more open and tweak it a little for a halloween costume for the kids.
I have a large printer and the size im wanting wouldnt need it in so many parts.


The head as a whole is added.

Wow this is soooo cool for halloween.

thank you. Hope you enjoy it as I have