Darth Vaders Tie from star war

by caihuiwei Jul 27, 2016
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I'm going to start this soon planning on printing the front of the cockpit in clear pla

Amazing paint job mate ;)

Been Printing this for the past week. No problems thus far! :)

I did notice during a "fly through" in Meshmixer that the Cockpit actually has detail Inside it! Has anyone printed the file this way without the front Glass?

Estimated 400 hrs in Cura. .3 layers, 15% Fill, 35mm/sec, PLA @ 215Deg hotted, 60Deg bed. No Rafts or Support required.

Hi boy, where can I find the assembly instructions for the pieces?

I've tried to print this 4 times. The first one my printer just stopped after 20hrs, leaving the hotend and bed at full temp. The next 2 prints I had a problem that I'd experienced before, the X axis suddenly shifts 3 to 5 mm to the right. Again, these prints failed after 10-30hrs.
I don't think this file corrupted in any way, but I bring it up my problem to see if anyone else has experienced this strange fault and can help with possible solutions.
I am currently attempting a fourth print and I'm about 6 hours in, so I won't know if I have another failure for quite some time.

i had timing problem with my ender 3 the first time i've experimented a lightsabre in 1 piece of 19 hours.
has stopped around 10 hours.
since than, i just do print less than 9 hous (usualli, max duration, 7 hours or just arrive to 8).
i dont know why and i've no found clue about...
for this project i'm planning the same: no more than 8hours for every piece.

all the 1:1 parts need 1000+hours to print,some problems will appear,it's normal,you just need patient and a stable printer,i failed several times too....

Thanks! You really needed that much time? I can see it, with all the supports needed. If I slowed it way down maybe they'll print with more stability and I'll be able to catch problems while I can still do something about it. I have only attempted fuLL Model prints. I've got a couple of smaller prints I'm working on now but I absolutely intend to try again, cause I really want a 20cm Tie Fighter (that's the max height of my printer.)

Did you paint it ? Mind to let us know the steps and which kind of paint are used ?

it's printed in black, and painted in black , then sliver

Dude its awesome, can you explain how did you paint your model? I love this effect and I am about to remove my model from the machine and soon to start the post-process.


If you ever get the chance, I'd kill for a regular TIE Fighter like this!

It's soo big! I'm not trying to print it, but I'd like to look at the original single stl or obj file, and try to make it in Minecraft!
Thank you provided the full model file!

i use 3MM 6MM 10MM rods in 100% scale

What size rods my friend?

What size rods did you use?

This is a great build! How much filament was used to make that?

What material was used?

Do you have the fully assembled 3D model? (prior to cutting it into pieces).

you can download full model now

I have a 200X200X180 and these parts are just to big.

Just scale all parts equally within Cura

Where are the detailed instructions on how to put this together? Did you use super glue?

I use epoxy glue and the rods

Hello? Is there an illustrated diagram for assembly??

Is there an instruction sheet that details what pieces are supposed to be connected to each other? As "as-built" drawing?

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Nice work, what size bed did you print it on?

wow great job... the finish is awesome... silver base with black wash? any info would be helpfull thanks...

it's printed in black, and painted in black , then sliver

Any details about the finishing and paint job? It truly looks amazing.

waw! qmqzing job!

how heavi is it? how long take to print?

thanks,it's about 10KG and takes hundreds of hours to finish it!

i belive it takes aloot. really good job! i love it

wat printer did you use? becouse this files are super big.. no feet in my little printer xD

I use my diy printer :)