Spiderman Bust/Head 1.04

by BerlinRockz Jul 27, 2016
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it worked really well :)

hi !
Why 10% Infill insted of 0% ? :)

Outstanding file. Awesome detail. Thanks for sharing.

Multi Material / Dual Extrusion remix please!

I would love to if I knew how. Might have to try a few simpler models first.

Sorry but once you go 4 or 5 color printer you can't get excited at all for paint any more.

Printed very nicely and text looks good too. 5% infill so didn't take forever

here's my timelapse https://youtu.be/8-tXldlwMng

Wow, look great, my next print for sure.

could you make it without a socle please . Or the same socle without scriptures.

Anyone else print start very uneven on the first few layers??, I'm printing now on my Cr10, big as well, 3 day print, but I'm noticing it's really uneven, and my printer prints extremely well.
I'm sure it's even catching some of the layers...so I'm keeping an eye on it.....
Just a bit strange at the start.
Great model though can't wait, to get this at the side of my Deadpool ...

I know it's a lot to ask, but any chance you could design a Deadpool bust like the Spider-man one? I'd love to have both!

there are already deadpool busts around

I realise that, thanks. Not any that match this just in height and style, which is what I'm after.

Wow, what a great piece! Thanks. My missus 8 year old nephew is going love this. Thanks once again for the share.

This is a great file. I have printer about a dozen on various printers, at various sizes.
There are some issues where the bust joins to the base. fixing those would make it an amazing file.
I would also be interested on the file without the base.

Thank you for the notice, it is fixxed now and should work fine.
Currently were working on a spiderman statue with 3D webbing

Sweetness. I am looking forward to that version with the 3D webbing.

AWESOME. Ill give it another try.

Thank you . Great mod . ;)

this is beautiful.
i will be printing this soon i hope