Antweight Combat Spinner Bot - Shrapnel Mk1

by Fryddog Jul 27, 2016
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Are you using a 2s or 3s Lipo battery?

A 2S battery. The drive motors wouldn't work well with a 3S battery.

is there another source for those drive motors (preferable amazon)

I reckon you could find these types of motors on Amazon, you'd just need to do some digging. The motors are typically called N20 micro gearmotors (not always) and they come in various voltages (6V or 12V) and RPM's (300 to 1000).
I did a quick google and this is the first that came up. Might be suitable, or it might not for your build but at least you know you can find them on Amazon relatively easily. Good luck!

I noticed you added a cover. What's it for?

Not quite sure what you mean by cover. Do you mean the weapon lock? It slides in over the chassis to prevent the weapon from moving when it's not in an arena (a requirement of all robot fighting events)

Not that. How do you reply so fast? I mean the thing that says Shrapnel on it. It also resembles the shape.

That's a stand for it. Tournament rules usually require you to keep your bot on a stand so that the wheels don't touch anything when you are in the pits, that's what the stand is for.

Consider changing the link to the proposed brushed ESC with brake in the descripton. Many ESC's with brake do not work well, you have to move the stick twice to change direction. They make basically the same 10A ESC without brake which works as intended and gives quick direction changes. Great design, Thanks. Building up 2 with my kids here in the States.

You're right I've since stopped using braked esc's but must have forgotten to update this page. Apologies!

Antweight needs to be 10x10x10cm max? I printed the first plate and its more then 10cm?

You're right for competing in the UK.
This bot was designed and used in Australia, where the 4"x4"x4" size is not enforced in the rulesets followed here (sparc.tools).
Sorry, I should have mentioned that in the description.

disculpen tengo motores dc sera que me podrían ayudar a saber como los puedo controlar con un control de radiofrecuencia

For everything combined how much do you think this robot would cost to make?

Approx AUD$110 I reckon, if you selected one of those cheap $30 hobbyking transmitters.

What about USD?

USD? Sorry don't follow.

No idea on USD, I've bought everything in Australian Dollars. I assume you could look up all of the parts yourself and count up the cost in USD.

Can you put some instructions for the v8 Shrapnel as well as the parts list for it? I know you might thin this is not necessary but I want to build one as well as the v10 so I would like it if you put a parts list for the v8. P.S I also would like to see some pictures and a build video of the v8 Shrapnel.

The parts in V8 shrapnel are exactly the same with exception for using the M3 nylon spacers and screws in the support columns. I won't be able to take any build pictures or a build video of the V8.0 shrapnel because I always took all the components out of previous versions for the newest one. The V8.0 chassis has since been scrapped.

The only differences between V8.0 and V10.0 were the addition of the rear wedge and the changes to the support columns.

Hope this helps.

I meant to put some pictures, old ones if you have to. I just want to see the old v8. For the video you could just print another v8 chassis and just build that one

Sorry, I haven't got photos or time to make another Version 8.
It's similar enough to the later versions that you should be fine, only without the rear wedge and slots in the columns for nylon spacers. Good luck! Please post pics if you make anything, I'm always keen to see what others come up with!

I am also guessing the v11 is the exact same assembley as the v10.

Does this comply with uk antweight rules or will I need to do some resizing ? Uk rules state that it must fit in a 4 inch cube.

Yeah good point. Here in Australia, we originally tried to follow UK rules but then some of our fellow members started making larger bots after following some other advice in another state. So now we just keep to the 150 gram rule and that's it.
Shrapnel measures 5.1" long and 4" wide when assembled.
You might get lucky and your group might not enforce the size rule. We follow rule sets found on http://sparc.tools/ which don't even mention the 4" cube rule.
Good luck building! If you do make one, please put it up on the made section, I'm heaps excited to see Shrapnel built by other folks! Cheers!

I imported the stl files into sketchup and noticed that it was bigger, so I just resized it a bit and made sure that the motors and stuff would fit.

My printer ships today, so I should have it printed in the next week or so!

Ive just printed the bottom segment.

Hi, how do you power the motors and weapon motor off one battery?

I connect the battery to 3 esc's (electronic speed controls). Two esc's connect to a drive motor each to get the bot moving. The third esc connects to the weapon motor. If you're curious about the specific parts I used, have a look at the links in the description.

Is this based off of Tombstone from battle bots?

Nah, I started designing Shrapnel before I got into watching Battlebots (only recently bulk watched!).
I've since tried to distance my bot from Tombstone as much as I can. The only similarities are that it has a bar as a weapon and it has two wheels, lol.

Not accusing yeah just reminded me of Tombstone right off the bat. Neat idea though wish I thought about designing a bot on my printer. Guess there is only so many designs you can do before you have similarities with preexisting items.

I was also wondering at first, but there are definitly some differences

Very true. Never to late to get designing tho! :)