Articulated Jellyfish! Ball-joint articulated octopus Remix!

by 3DCentralVA Jul 27, 2016
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I am unable to attach the tentacles to the bottom. Pressing down with all 290 pounds of me, I cannot get them to snap in. Will need to resize the bottom (and maybe middle for scale).

Update, re scaled bottom to 110% and it is still difficult to pop them in, however it is doable. recommend 115 or 120%

The bottom of the jellyfish is a complete mess. Whoever did the modeling was pretty clueless, or at least lazy. Two nearly identical pieces of geo overlapping, causing all kinds of non-manifold issues. Rather than repairing the mesh, they just tried to patch over it in the most inefficient way possible.

Here's my quick attempt at fixing the geo issues. I haven't printed it yet to check if the joint still snap but I'll repost here with my results when I do. Feel free to print it and give me your feedback.

This new base printed fine. I also flattened the geometry so they'll print without supports. Tragically the top and middle pieces are not flattened very well, so they may not fit together too well.

I'm using gel super glue to make up the difference for the small gaps.

Repetier Host is saying jellyfish_bottom isn't manifold, obviously people have printed this but did anyone else run into this as well? I've had it flag a couple other models that others had printed so I'm suspecting it's wrong, but I thought I'd ask.

where you able to figure out what is wrong with the bottom layer?

The objects are not flat. They need to be dropped .5 - 1mm below the bed surface to print properly.
They also need to be fixed, S3D was showing a bunch of trash when imported, I needed to put it through netfabb repair service. How did you print this? Did you use rafts? Why? They're really meant to be flat, so why not make them flat? Why make things that look nearly flat, not flat? Makes it impossible to print. Also non-manifold? What did you use to create these? I watch your YouTube channel, I was really looking forward to printing this for my daughter, but it's been an exercise in frustration so far.

all this is true, but I had an easier time when just using a raft. Dropping slightly on the slicer would help. S3D just can't slice the "bottom", but Cura does OK.

I made and printed off a file of 8 of the tentacle ends, but they are too small. They are the exact size of the octopus you remixed this from. Do you have the right size for these?

Great catch, we went ahead and resized/reuploaded those and checked them. They should be fixed now! Thanks for letting us know!

I can confirm with tjbarney that the tentacle ends are 50% too small. Resizing them to 150% fixes it for me but OP needs to fix his posted files.

Thanks for the heads-up! Files are resized, should be good to go now! :D

From your description:
This octopus is a remix of Ellindsey's Ball-joint articulated octopus, remixed into an octopus!

I think you meant "remixed into a jellyfish!" :)

It's super cute! I'm working on a remix of yours I hope to post next week. Great things in store. Thanks for sharing it!

Yikes!! Good catch! Thanks for pointing that out! Can't wait to see the remix!

Still printing, I'm scaling it up a little bit, so it's taking a while. Should finish the print today. Will have some electronics in it today, more next week. Hoping to have a hanging RGB lamp when I'm done.

I have run into one issue - it looks like some of the parts are scaled differently. The tenacle_end.stl is too small to stay in the tentacle_8_links.stl, for example.


There's an animated gif if you scroll down a bit, they're not supported in the gallery. I'm still working on the latch for the dome of the jellyfish, but I'm really happy with the effect.

BBJJ (Blinky Ball-Jointed Jellyfish)