Yet another filament sample

by ornotermes Jul 29, 2016
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Thanks for the idea! I created a customizable filament sample as remix. With that, its possible to use the standard thingiverse "open in customizer"-button to define the text and get a customized 3D .STL file.

Customizable Filament Swatch (Filament test)
by makkuro

Are you using a regular sharpie for labeling or something else? I've not found something that won't easily rub off.

I use a permanent marker, no particular brand. On dark colors i use a cheap silver pen off eBay, not as good as a permanent marker but have worked for me.

You could also look for markers for burnable CD/DVD, they usually work well and have fine tips.

Hi when I set the resolution in cura to 0.1mm and look at the layers, it would only print the part where it's 0.3mm thick. Maybe I should try it out but I think it would not print anything in the front. What do you think could be wrong?

Sounds tricky, I'm afraid I don't know the answer. The only things i can think of is that you have two settings contradicting them selves, or you are trying to print it on it's edge. Printing with 0.1mm layers aren't really that uncommon so it shouldn't really be a problem. What version of Cura are you using and what printer?

The model is flat on the ground as it is normally imported. I am using Cura 2.6.2 on a Creality CR10 but with the settings for Ultimaker2 it looks the same. Maybe i should just try printing it instead of thinking theoretically about it :D

After looking it up, the default in Cura is that the first layer is 0.3mm and anything thinner will be ignored, to change it you will need to:
Toggle Print Setup to Custom. Hover over Quality and click the gear. Check the box next to Initial Layer Height and close the window. Now you can click Quality and change Initial Layer Height to 0.1.
But expect it to be a bit harder to print with so you probably want to change it back for regular prints.

I'm probably going to make a couple of thicker versions that's easier to print and more like common wall thicknesses if that's more interesting.

Thanks :) This works!!

This is brilliant. I'm going to get a whole set of my colors printed, thanks

This is brilliant. I'm going to get a whole set of my colors printed, thanks

Any advice on how to get them off the platform without the .1 mm area breaking due to the adhesion?

I think it depends a bit on you print surface as well as the filament, but i think the key is to not rip it off. I use a Cricut spatula (a very thin one) and slide it in from the thick end, when i get to the .1mm are I work around it and finish by slowly work my way under it. If you don't have a thin spatula you could try something else like paper or a sewing thread. Hope you find a good solution.

Makes sense... I am using kapton tape on a heated glass bed, so the adhesion is crazy - also using 3DPrima PLA filament which is pretty brittle, so that doesn't help either.... I don't have a spatula, but I do have a box-shape exacto blade that I tried, but it ended up just cutting the filament when it was slightly stretched from trying to come off the platform.... I'll try the sewing thread approach, that actually sounds like a great idea.

Thanks for the response :D

Sewing thread worked absolutely brilliantly! Thanks for the advice and your time :D

Great, nice to hear it worked.