Developing Hilbert curve

by henryseg Jul 30, 2016
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Nice do you have this prog?
I could not find a way to get a workable file out of it?

Do you have a .stl of it? My printer does not support .obj.

In what direction is this best printed? Those windows look devastating but I don't want to pick support out of every nook and cranny.

Awesome model!
Could you make one without the windows? I'm having a hard time getting the smaller ones at the base to look good.

Thanks! It's a long time since I made this model, and my recollection was that it was a real pain to get it to work...

Cool design but cannot load design in any of my slicing software.. Model too big to render? Idk.. Other models are loading fine now..

It is a very detailed, complicated model - maybe that's causing the problem?

How big does this print? Could you make a customizable one?

It's just under 98mm x 98mm x 103mm. Customizable in which way? Maybe changing the number of levels? Or sizes of windows etc.? It's a very messy algorithm to generate it at different levels of squigglyness of the curve (at least the way I coded it). I don't think it would be easy to make it interestingly customizable.

these look great, I am interest to know what CAD package you used to create the original design?

Rhino Python. Probably not the best tool for this job, I was using nurbs but mesh would make more sense.

Very nice! slicer crashed for the moment. hm i think it must have gone over 10gb in slicer because it was too much for my 16gb pc :D

QUADRATIC EDGE COLLAPSE DECIMATION in meshlab makes ok decimation to 1/4 vertices but it brakes the integrity of the STL for printing. have to find about 3d printer decimation proggies :D

In progress of making this; I will keep you posted!

nayvin.. how was the print. can you share how the print worked.