6mm Belt Tensioners for Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

by USWaterRockets Jul 31, 2016
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These made an immediate improvement on my V2 and while they can be tricky to install. A pair of small vise grips to help hold the assembly in place while you fit the zip ties and adjust the belt tension works a treat.

Combined with the other improvements to the precision of the Z-axis provided by this blog post: https://hackaday.io/project/14823-monoprice-select-mini-maximum-3d-printer-mods/log/45659-adding-3d-printed-z-axis-rod-stabilizers along with an improved coupler and my printer is much, much more precise. Well worth the effort.

Does anyone have before / after for these? I don't know that it's needed on the v2 but I would be curious to see if it would be worth testing on my machine before I spend an hour putting these on

Made a heck of a difference in my prints. I could tell immediately...

Works perfectly on v2 (I purchased mine Feb 2018), but you have to follow the directions exactly. Small zip ties required. For x-axis the zip tie square part has to be as shown in the photos. For y axis the small side of the tensioner had to be towards the tower so it wouldn't conflict with a limit switch under the bed.

Made an immediate and positive improvement on my print quality, definitely worth the 1 hr of finicky installation. Thanks!

These aren't usable on the V2, don't waste your time. Hokey anyways

Worked great on my Mini v2 (stock hotend and x-carriage). Thanks for the design!

Hi, thank you for making + sharing these!

I didn't find the X-Axis tensioner usable on my V2 e3d edition.

The belt isn't flexible enough to go into the aggressive hills + valleys of the tensioner without a great deal of compressive force, at which point the thin walls on the larger half shear off.

I had taken the stock spring tensioner off and was left with no tensioner at all. The stock tensioner was difficult to reinstall; if anyone else finds themselves in this position, using a clamp to hold one arm of the spring tensioner against the belt was helpful when reinstalling it. I used a needlenose to move the other end of the spring back over the belt. It seems like if you only get it halfway across the belt then it will punch a hole in it, so take your time.

Thanks! Had to mount the bed tensioner with big end away from switch but after several zip ties (and some cussing) it's perfect.

Anyone else make these yet? Did you find them to be as good of an upgrade as the original designer did?

haven't tried it yet, but you really have nothing to lose, since you can always just put the old spring tensioners back in

Printing now to try out..

how'd it go?

I couldn't get the bigger one to clear the limit switch on the y axis. The x axis one was tight for me at 100% infill and I couldn't really get it tight enough for my liking. Ended up going with a different design when I switched the belts out to GT2 and metal pulleys.

I couldn't get it to clear the limit switch either but then I flipped it over the other way and it worked fine for me.

Ah cool, currently too lazy to do mechanical mods with this little guy. My delta keeps me busy enough haha. Still going to print these out and give it a go, can't hurt to try. I just need the X axis one, as I have terrible slop on that one. Y is perfect

Might as well give them a shot. You can always switch back to the stock ones.