Blank Minifig, Jumbo Snap-Together Version

by Skimbal, published

Blank Minifig, Jumbo Snap-Together Version by Skimbal Nov 18, 2013


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A Blank MiniFig. Scaled to 4x normal size.

Optimized to be printed on a Desktop 3D Printer, and extensively tested.

This will serve as the bases for a series of upcoming derivatives.

So hold onto you butts...


Snap_Hips.stl and Blank_Head.stl need to be printed with support material.

Press the hands into the hand holes in the arms.

Attach the Arms to the Body
Press the snap pins out through the Body's arm holes, then press the Arms onto them.

A pair of pliers can be useful for locking the snap pins into place.

Snap the Legs onto the Hips, and press the Hips into the Body.

Press the head onto the Body.

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Hello, first of all, is to thank for the work done, I am printing your model for my son, but I would have a request if you can please. Would you have a valid police cap for this model? I want to make some change and put him as a policeman.
Thank you very much and greetings from Spain

it came out really nice, i added our LUG name on it’s chest now everyone wants one ;)

Just printed this Lego Man and it came out GREAT! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Thanks for a great model!

Has anyone tried to print this at double the size? Does this work or gives issues?

I did it at three times the size and made a lamp out of it: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2808385

Giant Lego Classic Figure lamp
by yvesv

Is there something I'm missing from the body and hips? I have printed 2 chests and 2 hips. The chest just sits on the hips, is that correct or should they snap into place? Everything else work great and it is such a great design. If anyone can help with the hips fitting please let me know, Thanks

The chest snaps into the hips. The cavity in the chest connects the to 2 humps coming out of the top of the hips.

It's basically the same as a real LEGO minifig.

The issue is that the "connectors" on the hip part are about 2 mm too narrow, they give no friction at all.

I never had that problem, it fit find for me on about 2 dozen different figures I printed.

The rest of the figure fits together nicely, only the hip-to-chest connection is too loose on mine. I wonder what's "special" about that part.

It was to narrow for me to. You can alter de design by adding some extra thickness to the middle part of the chest. Or thicken an already printed chest with some (duct)tape. It will be invisible to the naked eye.

I can't seem to get the arm pins into the Chest. The pins go into the arms with no problem, but the round ends of the pins are too big. Suggestions, should i shave it down, or am I missing something? Thanks!

The arm pin get inserted from inside the chest, then the arms are pressed on from the outside.

Thanks! I just figured it out this morning. My Dremel printer covered up the holes with some hardcore supports. Thanks for the speedy reply, almost done!

Can Snap_Hips.stl be modified to print support free?

That's unlikely, but, if you turn it so it lays down flat with the "backside" to the ground the need for support is minimal.

Could someone PLEASE make this lego hair for this size minifig? I need it soon and I'm a noob at Fusion 360


If you have a 3D scanner you can scan a regular lego hair price and scale it 4x

Love these. Any chance of making a 'flash' one?

I had some Problems with getting the Head on and the Hands are not really fit in the holes from the arms, please fix.

Really nice Model anyway, thanks!

Usually problems with fitting the hands into the arms or the head onto the chest have to do with printers which are not well calibrated / aligned.

Very nice model - thank you!
It seems that one STL-File is damaged - Snap_Arms.STL can't be open in several Tools.
I solved the problem by importing the stp-File an Export the arms again but other people may have the same problems?

Can you upload the Files again?

Comments deleted.

Yay! A Lego set that isn't twenty dollars! Thank you for making this, as it is really cool.

Yay! A Lego set that isn't twenty dollars! Thank you for making this, as it is really cool.

Comments deleted.

how tall is this whole thing put together

nice model everything fit almost perfect, I printed head upside down with support, hips on back with support, legs standing, hands and pins flat all printed perfect, the body I was a bit worried about the top bridging so I used support and is a bit of a pain to remove..so I edited the body in thinker and rounded the inside top of body so don't have to worry about bridging, also made the female body for niece but haven't had chance to print the new body.. large channel lock pliers worked perfect for arm pins, the hips and legs are a bit loose but easy fix just add a bit of blue tape to cause friction. pla .2

I'm having problems bringing the STLs into ProE - It doesn't want to form a solid. Anyone else had this issue (specifically the chest).

same problem here, did you solve it?

At 2.5 times with 20% infill/1.0mm walls and supports, the head's mass causes a severe elephant's foot on my heated bed. Will try reducing infill to 15% and changing bed temp from 110C to 70C midway.

Not sure what printer you're using but on my Monoprice Select Plus at 2.5x 25% infill/1mm walls I have no elephants foot.

Worked well, don't know if it was the brim, changing bed temp or the infill percentage though lol.

lets drive lego out of business together my brother!

I love this and have it printed, however I noticed after it was printed I am not able to get the arms and hands on. The shape of the hole is different on the body where the arms are compared to the end of the arms to attach them. I'm having the same problem as JQE (in the comments section) is.

I tried to get the hands into the arm. Finally got it in after struggling, only to find that one part of the arm split at the base of the arm where the hand goes in. Now to get the arm into the body. Feels like I'm trying to put a round peg in a square hole :( I'm exhausted!

Hi what is the best way to print the legs with out supports? As they are in the file ? Great work by the way.

I print the legs as they are in the file. i.e. feet on the print bed printing up to the hips.

Has anyone printed this in PLA? or mostly ABS?

I am having a hard time getting things to settle all the way in. The legs fit on the hips, but won't lock all the way in, and i can't get the arms onto the arm pins at all, did get it through the body though.

So far everything on mine works. Printed in all PLA. My legs are printing now

I printed one in pla and fits just fine. Snug but fine

Mostly the same issue for me, I can't get the head onto the body and the same for the hands do not fit with the arms. I'm using PLA, Cura and a Marlin firmware. I didn't scale the up the model. Any suggestions ?

I am printing on a Makerbot mini using the Makerwear Desktop software. I have the arms, pins and body printed but I am having trouble getting the parts to fit together. Any suggestions? I cant figure out how to get the pins pushed in from the inside of the body?

A pair of pliers can be useful for locking the snap pins into place. I Push the pins through from the inside, then use a long necked pair of pliers to lock the pin into the arm.

I'm doomed; I can barely get my fingers into the body, let alone position the pins and push them through. It doesn't help that I printed in ABS and it's a very tight fit.

With ABS, you might want to scale everything larger by 1% or 2%, but that's just a guess.

For the pins, when they were too tight, I used a medium flat blade screwdriver. Position the screwdriver with the blade against the flat part of the pin and the shaft against the center piece at the bottom of the chest. Use it like a lever and you may be able to snap the pin into place before deforming the body too much. Small deformations won't matter because that center piece will be hidden by the pants.

This is a really awesome model, except for the hip pins -- there's no reason make that one unit; printing is unnecessarily difficult, and worse, if you break a pin, you will need to print the entire thing over again.

Should be a separate part, just like the arm pins...

They were separate pins in the original model, but the legs would come off too easily. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5232

Christmas Lego Men of Kansas City
by Skimbal

Ah, I see. I had never looked at that one in detail.

I can understand the idea, but sometimes... things just shouldn't be 3d printed.

I think I would just as soon put an 8mm hole right through there and use an arrow shaft or dowel rod or something to mount the legs and be done with it.

Oh, thank you for leaving the reference line for the pins in the sketchup model; makes modifications easier!

How compatible are your figure's parts to the Christmas ones found here? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:38191

Do you know if the legs from the Christmas figure will fit the hips from yours?

Giant Lego Christmas Minifig

These figures are and evolution from my original christmas figure. I'm not sure if the old legs will fit the new hips because the new hips and legs us snap pins. The old legs just stayed on through friction.

Ok, thanks. I printed out the legs from the Christmas one last night, then I found this one and like it a lot better. I'll print out the hips and see if they work with the old legs. If they don't, I'll just print out new legs, and old hips since I plan on printing multiples for me and my kids anyway. :)

Thanks again for your quick reply, and thanks so much for modeling these! They're great!

Happy Printing! I hope your kids love them.

Thanks! I'll posts pictures when they're finished. :)

Hi all! My son is going crazy waiting for me to finish printing this, lol. It is so awesome, I must admit I am excited as well, one more piece to print, "Snap_Hips.stl". The way it is laid out to print, with the round section at the bottom and the flat section hovering over it, how is this possible to print? After getting the round piece printed, the flat piece just plops down to the bed and it doesn't print ok. Anything I can do to make this print?

You'll have to use your printers software to rotate the part 90 degree so it sits on the platform.

Thanks Skimbal, I did try this, but there always seems to be a part floating, no matter how I rotate. Wondering how others laid it out before successfully printing. I'm at a loss, and of course am starting out printing so I'm sure it is something I am overlooking!

I printed the snap_hips.stl on it's back (several times) it does need support. Is that what you mean by floating or do have just an edge touching the print bed?
In S3D I -90' on the y axis and drop on bed or auto-arrange.

Correct, when the top plane is sitting on the bed (upside down), the two pegs are hanging out, parallel to the bed, with nothing to support it when printing, thus coming down to the bed in a big mess, lol. Any way I flip the thing around, there are overhangs parallel to the bed. How do you support it? I greatly appreciate the advice!

:-) Ok you need to use support with this and lots of other models. What software are you using to slice/print?

Looks like it's fairly simple: http://manual.slic3r.org/expert-mode/support-material Yay! Let me know if I should adjust anything based on your experience.

I'm using slicer to slice, and repetier to print. I figured it was something this newb would be overlooking. :Op I can Google how to do if you don't know off the top of your head how to do with the apps above. Again, so appreciative of the help, my son's going to lose his mind when he sees this thing assembled!

A lot of people on here use those but not me sorry. It's a great model so good luck.

The giant Minifig and its many add ons/ is awesome! Thank you for sharing it

The top lego studs seem to keep caving in. Any ideas?

Can you be a bit more descriptive about the problem?

Yes, the top seems to collapse in on itself or end up looking like a swirl of cool-whip on a pumpkin pie... maybe it is hollow and my temperature is too high? I was just surprised because I have printed other Lego items without this problem.

I'm a little late to the party but it sounds like the top layers are printed too fast and the heat from each layer doesnt have time to dissipate before more plastic is laid down overtop. If you have a fan or can slow down the print speed on the top layers it'd probably help with the melting

I just started printing this out, I'm up to the legs (done head, arms, hands and torso). Is it normal for the hips to be loose in the torso or was there an issue in my print?

Edit: It may of warped slightly during the print. I heated the middle with a heat gun and bent it the smallest of a degree and it fits nice and snug.

my print did the same thing. i have an excellent quality print all the pins worked amazing but the body just sits on the hips. how hot and how much did u bend it to make it work i love this model just want it all to fit proper

I had my heat gun set to 300c and applied heat to the two parts that sit in the torso and compressed them together slightly to give it a tighter hold on the center bar on the chest. I have since modded the model so it prints the gap smaller.

I used the "Bigfig"data for my friend birthday present .

Hi, did you make this with a CAD SSoftware? can you upload a .stp file ? I want to try to make my own "version"
Thank you

Hey, Awesome model! Many thanks for sharing it here! I got a makerbot rep 2 last week and have printed 2 of these. I'm struggling to print the hip part well though, first print was exact position as per your file (w/supports and rafts), second time i rotated it so it was upside down flat on print base (w/supports and raft) - both times - after i've cleaned the supports off i've managed to snap the centre leg pin part off. It seems really weak the way i'm printing it.... these are my settings; infill 10, shells 2, layer 0.2. I'm really new to printing and no previous experience unit i got this last week, so apologies for the dull questions. Is there something obvious from these settings i'm doing wrong? should i beef up the infill? Is it essential to print this part with supports?
If anyone has printed this part with no probs on a Replicator 2; be great if you could let me know which settings you used, Thanks!

so I can scale theese down to 25% and use them with my actual legos?

2 issues using makerware software, arm pins are facing wrong way and need to be rotated. trying out the hips now, had to use a raft for crotch area because it kept breaking free from platform, hoping the upper portion prints out ok with no supports

You will need to rotate the parts so the are oriented to print best on your equipment. In the case of a hobbyist FDM machine, that will mean rotating the pins so they are flat on the platform, and rotating the hips backwards so there flat surface is on the build plate. Look at your slicers documentation for instructions on how to rotate and position parts before printing.

Whoops! I tried to print it as was shown in the picture and it did not go well. :) Thanks for the tip on rotating backwards!

Is this compatible with the holiday figures? meaning the hat.

Yes it is. So mix and match away

how fine should it printed? 0.1mm?
great work !! like it very much !

This one is printed at 0.2mm. You can print it finer, but it will take longer.

Awesome stuff, printing right now (at least the parts I still can fit in before I have to leave the printer until sunday ;))

Note: I had to rotate the arm pin stl as it was uploaded with the 2 pins vertically stacked. (I am using slic3r)

Any way you can possible point to how this is done.
I have everything printed but the pins and cannot manage to rotate them in slic3r?

It's really easy to rotate things in Cura if you use that, I haven't used Slic3r much as I prefer Cura's output.

Can you "split" them in slic3r? If not I must have used meshlab to rotate and export them (it's free).

You can split them.
According to their help files you can only rotate about the Z axis.
I downloaded meshlab and actually pulled them into Solidworks and cannot do anything with the STL, since it is not a solid.
I will try meshlab... thanks for the response!

Can someone repost the arm_pin.stl file with them horizontal? I am using KISSlicer and I can't seem to find a way to do that. Thanks very much in advance.

Print is in the works, looking great so far.

This is by far the best snap fit thing I have printed yet. The pins worked perfect first try, even in my less-than-perfect PLA settings. Cant wait to start on the accessories. Nice work!

"hold on to you butts"
Can we expect to see a Samuel L Jackson minifig (I hope I hope I hope)
Not even sure what that would even be. :-)

Good to see you posting stuff again. Excellent job as always.

Jaw dropping amazing. Seriously awesome work on this and the kit that goes with it.

I can envision LOTS of people making this. Thanks for publishing!