Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

spiral panpipes

by ranjit Feb 4, 2012
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How do you think it'd be as an outdoor aural wind vane?

Very nice item but It is more a statuette than an isntrument. Half of the whistles working due printing imperfections. The whistle frequencies are ad-hoc, they are not giving a musical scale.

24mins to slice with slic3r says 9hrs print on Solidoodle 2 using 28cm3 material. looks like Gcode adds a couple odd blocked off spots in some long pipes for some reason. havnt printed one yet since nobody knows if pipes pitch are right seems. dont want to waste time and material. this print would cost over $100 on a 3D hub site. are pipes shaped correctly for proper whistle tones? not round inside and arches ar open instead of closed with just slit at bottom. needs tweaked more seems. also may need gaps filled between mouth openings to play smoothly and a lanyard loop on side of long pipe (above short pipe) for string to hang around neck. Id like to print it in gold color like Calliope.

Turn off avoid crossing perimeters in slic3r. Slices in less than a minute!

it takes less than 20 seconds to slice with repsnapper

mine came out very well. I agree--the whistle action is imperfect, but at least it's something pretty and interesting to show people. or let them try :)