Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by HarlanDMii Feb 4, 2012
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Are the parts in assembly file upto the size to fit together? I read a comment down stating the parts are too small to assemble together. The assembled pumpjack in too big for my printer.
Thanks for sharing a great design.

It has been too long since I messed with it to remember the size of the holes. When I put mine together, I used stripped bread ties to hold the pieces together while the acetone and pla glue dried. It came out really nice.

I printed it in pieces but the holes for joints in many parts did not come on either sides and making holes in them is quiet difficult as they are quiet small. If I print the assembled one, will it be a fixed model or a movable one?

The assembled pumpjack is just to show how everything fits together. it would not be printable without tons of support. If the holes on your prints aren't coming out, you are extruding too much plastic. Set the filament diameter larger so that less plastic is pushed through the nozzle. For example.. If your filament diameter is set to 1.75, try changing it to 1.8 and print a small piece.

This is awesome! Have you been able to print it and assemble successfully?

I want to print this for a grade 4 classroom who are studying Alberta and a major part of that is it's Oil Industry. Pump Jacks and are commons site here.

:) Yep.. I'm in west Texas. Can't walk outside without seeing them everywhere..
I Have printed a few of them now, but I seem to give them away before I finish printing them. They go together pretty easily. The Oil rig prints nicely without any support too.

Great looking model, now I dont have to model one:) Thanks!

OK this is cool. I'm an old oil field hand , not from Texas, lets just say the Northern Lights are not strange sights. Currently Ive got a boat in Wilmington Ca and drive through several fields to get to it. Seeing the pumping jacks is comforting. Odd but true

:) I know the feeling. I Know Im almost home when I start seeing the pump jacks

Oops .. didn't realize that the source files weren't here.. So... Here they are

I heated and stretched out some filament to use as pins. Once installed, I heated and mushroomed the ends to hold them in place. Thanks for posting this.

Yeah, I'm looking for pins now too. :)

did you print it? can you share a pic of it?

I tried to print it on a TOM using the pieces.stl. They came out too small :( . Ill double the size and try it on Replicator when I have a chance