Gear Trio version 3

by ThreeHamsWillKillHim Aug 4, 2016
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this works wonderfully. I worked it up to make it into a steampunk light switch to move a light switch sideways for light switches that are hidden behind bookcases and such. The yellow rack moves up and down and actuates your gearbox to flip the switch. The longer version reverses the action so up is on and down is off. This is actually a kit-bash of 3 different projects I saw here in thingiverse Thanks again!!!!

When I convert one of these files to gcode, then reload it (in Easy Print 3D) the gco file includes all parts.
How can I print each of the pieces individually (so I can do them in multiple colors)?

Awesome design! Added a remix that has some simple tabs I made to keep the gears held on securely.

Your design works so well.
The gears work well without error.
So cool!

It's so fun that so many people printed and liked this :)

Why don't you feed him, three hams?

:))) not a day goes by i don't ask myself the same

i think it's about moderation :)