FSR Sensors Bed Leveling System

by Trojan3D Aug 5, 2016
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Just added 4 pictures of the new system... have a look, and if you want i will upload files, And, if you need specific size i'll try to design one for you, just let me know

dammm that really good! So what changes did you use for marlin to get this to work ?

Absolutely nothing, the Ada fruit trinket is doing all the job, and is acting as a micro switch
So 3 wires as usual, positive, negative and signal out. That's all.
Will upload the ultimate version, as this one is very old now...
I made the system for my P3Steel, much less pieces to print and is working great.

i have a prusa i3 very much like the MK2 only difference is I have a 200x300 bed but im sure your idea can be adapted to work ! BTW I like your e3d extruder, I do think you should go though the tags for you would get a lot more hits on it I search thingivers every so often to see what people came up with for the e3d and I never came across yours till I seen your reply post in the forums.

I will post the files of the new bed level system for the prusa, you can adapt the design as much as you want, is very easy.
The only thing is: i work with Solidworks, not openscad or other cad, and most of the times the files are just quick prototypes, so you will find a bit tricky to modify them, but if you are patient you will do it :-))
About the tag, i'm not sure i want more hits, people has already started asking for a lot of changes and other things, but the extruder is working great as it is, and every change in the structure would mean hours of design, and for what?
All of mine at today has hundreds of hours without a single fail, and the quality of the print is amazing, and trust me, i am very demanding!!
I am designing a new one for my new Hipercube delta(tesseract delta)which is already working but with a bowden one and same bed level system and magnetic effector rods...... and Smoothieboard, Fantastic!!!!!
Will post pictures of the printer as soon as i find the time to clear up the wiring, just for fun :-))
Best Regards