Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

OpenRC - 2WD micro crawler

by JonasF Aug 6, 2016
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great and interesting job!!...I'd like to know which electronic,esc ,receiver,radio,motor and microservo to buy and where...

Thank ! Look thing details you will find this informations in "others parts". https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1706898

Note : I have never received esp-32, the second ESC was never made.

OpenRC - 2WD micro crawler
by JonasF

Any videos of it you could put up?

Oh ! I just saw that I did not send the source file (freecad) is now done.

Version of freecad used: 0.16

Just out of curiosity, how come some of the parts are not orientated so that they lay flat on the build plate? Is this for any structural reason or is it just how they are orientated once the cars built?

The stl files are output from freecad without post-processing.

I turn the parts on the g-code generator (very simple on cura).

Note : the majority (perhaps all) of the parts can be printed without support

That's what I figured. I rotated some of the parts when I created my gcode. Hopefully, I can find time to print it tonight. Nice work, btw.

Could you re upload Triangle_AV_HAUT_GA? The file is in G-code, I would really appreciate a stl file. Thanks!

Oups !
It's fixed.

Comments deleted.

Hi all

I juste ordered a esp-32 and a motor driver TB6612FNG, I think current November 2016 I propose a less expensive (~10-15$) and easier to manufacture ESC

I did not receive the esp-32 but the project is not dead ;).

I did not receive the esp-32 but the project is not dead ;).

I did not receive the esp-32 but the project is not dead ;).

What is the body file?

It's Hilux by 3rdaxis http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1372741 set to scale and "thickened".
I have not uploaded the STL because I'm do not know use the modeling tools like Blender, and my model has very many problem.

Toyota Hilux body
by 3rdaxis

This is extremely cool. Will be following closely!