Stratux Nano Dual SDR Case

by mistertech Aug 12, 2016
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I'll have to post my make as soon as I get the top done. I had to drill through to get enough length to fit my screws (I didn't have any short enough) but it fits even the larger GPS unit I have. I like all the features of this case, my only regret being that it doesn't have a fan mounting point.

Came out great. Took me a while to find screws that worked.

Ok I'm new to this and I really like the case!! I Just ordered one printed from CA. One question if i may? So there is gonna be a need for a usb power pack, can you add a snap or clasp or something to the base to grasp a usb battery pack like this? I can zip tie but just trying to make it more perfect.

I could but it would make it more difficult to print. Also, the attachment woudl vary depending on the type and shape of the USB battery pack. I used double sided adhesive tape to attach mine ADS-B to my USB battery.

One note, due to the risk of in-flight fire, I prefer to stick to more name brand batteries. This is what I use. https://www.amazon.com/AUKEY-20000mAh-Portable-Lightning-Micro-USB/dp/B0176HQ1O8/ref=sr_1_39?ie=UTF8&qid=1495804475&sr=8-39&keywords=usb+battery+slim

Any chance you have the file that I can open in Solidworks? I tried importing and saving in different formats, but they don't work.


I'm sorry. The original design file is already posted as a 123dx file. That's the only format I have.

Thanks again for designing a great case. Just posted in the I made one section.

I printed this case through makexyz in ABS, and the screw mounts were too big to use 2.5 mm screws. The 2.5 mm screws don't "bite" into the plastic and hold the Pi in place, and the holes in the Pi are just slightly too small to use a 3 mm screw.

I have printed this in both ABS and PLA and the 2.5mm screws work sometimes and not others depending on the printers settings. I would slightly drill out the holes so the 3mm screws will fit.

Thanks for the advice! This is my first print project, since I just started using the stratux, so I'm learning so much as I go...

I haven't run in to any heating issues and a fan is noisy electrically.

good to know, nice case, good job.

Nice case design. I really like it. Thank you for sharing your work!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. I've had great success with it in the aircraft. I hope you find it equally as nice to use.

Got my unit operational. The GPS takes some time to fix the sats. When I go to the web page of the Stratux at The GPS shows a ton of sats but does not lock on. Did you get sat locks on the ground? Wonder if the GPS firmware can be upgraded?

Ace, I added a GPS shield between the Nanos and the GPS and it does lock on quicker. I believe there may be interference between the Nanos and the GPS

If you have time, it would be great to see a "make" of your Stratux!

I had the same problem. I think it's a cheaper GPS. I didn't troubleshoot it much though. I've been using the GPS in the tablet which is a far more robust GPS. I left the GPS in the Stratux so I could try to fix the time to acquisition when I had more time. The tablet GPS works so well though that I haven't been motivated to fix the Stratux GPS.

What GPS are you using for your unit?

Vk-172 USB GPS Dongle.

Just pull it out of the plastic housing that it comes in and plug it in to the Stratux.

Printed your case and my parts just arrived. Thanks

Great just ordered one on Amazon. Do you recommend a cooling fan for the CPU?

I haven't needed one but I do not place it near the windscreen. Mine is always in shadow.

I like where you have put the antenna. My only problem is that I have a Reyax RY835AI GPS instead of a VK-172 GPS. Is there a possibility that you can incorporate a slot for this GPS in a future.
Keep the good job.

Really like your setup however I would like to modify it to place the GPS on the opposite side so it isn't near the radios. Do you have a 123D file version where everything isn't unioned together? When I am done with the mods, will post it as a remix of yours. Thanks!

I'm sorry. I don't. I had a lot of problems with 123d crashing and such. I only have the combined model.

I haven't had any trouble keeping a GPS fix or reduced sensitivity on the radios. Have you had trouble or did you just want to optimize your version?

I haven't built mine yet so haven't tested for interference yet. Just read on Reddit that people were having issues and figured I would try to separate the GPS. Yours looks like one of the better ones with the separation of the antennas. I may just print yours as-is and test things out. Thanks!

I fly a helicopter and this sits in the back. It holds a solid GPS fix and receives ADS-B traffic at 40 miles or so with ease. Nice part is that it's just a print away from trying it out.

I'd be interested to hear how it works out for you.

Would you be able to build one with mounting spots for a fan and the 836 chip?

I remixed it with a fan mounting option.

I'll have to work on it. There are three reasons that I haven't done that.

  1. The fan has been unneeded in my use. The temps have been within limits when using nano SDR's.
  2. The fan will cause RF noise which can interfere with the SDR's sensitivity.
  3. The app I use "Avare" does not support AHRS yet.