I3 MK2 Style Ramps 1.4 enclosure

by Roro34 Aug 8, 2016
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This is great! I had been looking for a couple of days for something to put on my MK2 build for the ramps. Printing it now.

Side question, What power supply did you use in your build? And did you use the same psu case for that as well?

Hi ! If you can wait one month, i'm making a full remix of the I3 MK2 to work with standart parts ! It will be on thingiverse of course. with a standard PSU case ;) and other..!

Very Nice! however I can't really wait I'm almost done with my mk2 build. (printing this and the extruder parts right now) Mind just sharing the psu one with me if you're done with it? :)

I've also modified a few of the prusa parts to work with the parts that came with my kit. (bought a super cheap ebay kit to convert it into a budget diy mk2)

Nice, what kit did you get? I'm looking into doing the same thing

Hi ! My complete MK2 remix is available here : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2159922

I3-R , the cheap I3 MK2 Remix
by RoMaker

Awesome! I'm working on my second cheap MK2 now. I'll start printing yours. Nice work.

@ PavolNovak
My heatbed is a simple MK3 "bottom to top" bought on ebay, with a PEI sheet bought at the Prusa shop.
The probe is at 1mm from heatbed and that's work good !

@ Rplumley
I don't use Rambo firmware, i use Marlin 1.1.0-RC7.

Hi, What is your build plate ? and is that PEI on it ? where did you buy it ? do you have proximity probe as well ?

Nice upgrade. Were you able to adapt the RAMBo firmware to be RAMPS compatible as well? I've been looking to do this.