E3D Titan Extruder Bracket - Wilson II

by ant0ny Aug 7, 2016
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Hi ant0ny!

I printed your mount and assembled it. I noticed that, at least for my Wilson 2, there's not much clearance between the pinion and the hotend. Here's a picture: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByMIutOj83VSc3EzUmtKOFNja28. Did you have this issue? Also do you have a 3D file I can modify in Autodesk Inventor?

Thanks and great design btw!

hey... thanks. Are you using a genuine E3Dv6? maybe the body of a non genuine is shorter?

I see the screws holding the Z switch is not allowing the switch to retract flat (plus the screw length) I put these together with a small zip tie and if you look at the part there is a groove for the zip tie to lay in allowing the arm to retract more.

I'll put up the IPT file for you.

Yep it's a genuine E3D V6.

I noticed the screws too and I'll replace them with a ziptie asap. Without the screws, I think there will be enough clearance but only around 2mm which should be enough but it's pretty tight.

Thanks for uploading the file!

No probs. I don't have a Wilson currently to check... I sell them as quick as I can build them but you only need a few mm... remember the higher the clearance from probe to nozzle tip, the less you will have in Z travel.

With the ipt you will be able to move the bracket more to the right if needed as well. I set this up for a 40mm motor length but if you have a newer shorter motor you can get the nozzle better centered form memory.

Ant0ny, thanks for this design! I'm printing it right now. Are you using one fan to cool the hotend and the print? Is it working out for you? Would you mind sharing the stl file you used?

No probs. I use my remix fan duct for PLA http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1678339 and for ABS or PC (polycarbonate) I use the original fan the came with the E3Dv6. You can see in the pic I have a plug on the fan wire and I just swap to which fan/duct setup I need for what I'm using.

E3D V6 2-in-1 fan duct - Remix
by ant0ny