Anet A8 Prusa i3 bed leveling knob

by Ratm3at Aug 8, 2016
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Great job, but I would like to clarify that it should pause at the end of layer 42 (I pause at the beginning). I also recommend spraying the nut with lacquer before placing it on the print (it no longer touches the hot bed).

Unfortunately it does not fit with the AM8 version, on the right side the printed nuts should be 2 mm. smaller in diameter so as not to hit the support of the Y-axis rod

would be greatfull if you could just learning soft wear so any help mutch apreciated

I have upgraded my screws to m4 will this still be ok if I drop a m4 nut in many thanks

I don't think m4 nut will fit the hole. It's a hexagon shaped hole just slightly larger than a m3. It dosent use much plastic, you can try it and see if it fits. If it doesn't I can send you something custom. Let me know, it'll have to be tomorrow though, I'm headed into work.

Thanks for this thing, the trick that worked for me perfectly was using the script "Pause at height" in Cura 3.1.0 and I have my A8 with Marlin 1.1.8. Not sure if is because the firmware version, but the script is actually able to pause the printing until you resume it from menu (directly in the printer).

Settings of the script:
Pause Height: 4.2
Park Printer Head X: 190
Park Printer Head Y: 190
Retraction: 6.5
Retraction Speed: 45
Extrude Amount: 0
Extrude Speed: 3.3333
Redo Layers: 0
Standby Temperature: 180C
Resume Temperature: 190C

Thanks so much for this :) Helped so much especially after i already damaged one screw thread in a corner.

Question though, After i drill the remaining 3 corners using a 3mm drill bit, can i still utilise a Auto Level Sensor that goes on the back of the extruder?

I think so but I'm unsure because I use an older version of the A8 that did not require drilling out the bed screw holes, mine are not threaded from the factory. Also, I use an aftermarket sensing probe with Skynet auto leveling software. It sounds like you're asking about the Anet sensor.

for those who cant get the pause at height plugin to work, Here's a workaround:

at exactly 65%, on your lcd, go to SD Card > Pause Print. Drop the nut in, then hit resume.

Worked perfectly on all 4 of mine.

Thanks for this :P Couldnt figure out how to do it through Simplify3D and MatterHackers. Worked perfectly :)

I have an ANET A8. The frame that the bed sits on has threads. If I am to use these printed wheels (with M3 nuts inside), must I first drill out the threads from the bed's frame?

Just made all four and looks like they are near perfect! Thanks for the file!

For some reason, no matter what I did would make the plugin work. I am using Cura 2.3.1. I placed the plugin folder into Cura's "Plugins" folder, but it would not recognize and load the plugin. So, I just printed one wheel at a time up at the front/left part of my bed (on my ANET A8) and I used Cura's "Pause at Height" script.
That is, after pulling in the STL into Cura, I clicked on "Extensions" - "Post Processing" - "Modify G-Code" - "Add a script" and then chose the "Pause at height" script. I input "4.2mm" for the height, and left the next two lines (which were called 'Park Print head X' and 'Park Print head Y' at their values of 190mm and 190mm.
Then, I just sat by the print and waited for the print height to get close to 4.2mm. As it approached 4.2mm, I had the M3 nut in my fingers. At 4.2mm, the print head traveled to the opposite end of the print bed, which gave me plenty of time to drop the nut in place before the print head returned. Note that my print speed settings were at 45mm/s print and 60mm/s travel. One could get more time by changing the travel speed to 30. I'm not sure how big a difference that would make, since Cura tells me that it makes no impact to the time it would take to print one wheel (11 minutes). Thanks for the great design! I hope my long comment helps someone!

So what exactly is the pause? Moving to the park location and back? Thanks for your post.

Yes - that is how it worked for me. But you have to move quick! Good luck!

Of all modifications I made to my printer this modification increased my print quality the most.

The option to level your bed while printing, is irreplaceable.

Totally worth tweaking the software or even waiting during print and pausing it manually to insert the nut.

@Ratm3at thanks for sharing this is great. I use Slic3r and Octoprint. I sliced it and exported the GCode to a file. Loaded the file in Notepad and scanned all the lines with a Z in it and then found this one: G1 Z4.300 F5400.000. (Hinting that we are at roughly 4.3mm high)
Just before that I added:
G1 Z80
M0 S120
M0 S120
Which moves the Z axis to 80mm.
With Octoprint, the M0 just pauses until you press the "Play" button again. So the First one I don't think requires the S120 (for 2 minutes) and I don't think the second one is required either. But it works.
I can then squish in a standard M3 nut and hit the Resume button and we are good to go.
Thanks again for sharing!

I printed with octoprint and manually paused at layer 20. Worked great. Sliced with Simplify3D.

Can this be printed without the pause and then place the nut in afterwards?

It can't be printed without the pause. Something you could try if you can't get the plugin pause to work...... Try printing this with another "random" print on the back of the build platform. Then when the nozzle gets to the correct height and moves to the other object you can use the pause button on the machine or your USB connection menu. Drop in the nut then resume printing. Sorry that it's not working for you, I could redesign the part for a press fit nut.

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I have the plugin working my only question is how do you set the pause time. The print head for me moves to the location but then moves right back and resumes printing making placing the nut almost impossible

I added a photo of the settings I used. On the second box down "duration of pause" type in how long you need the pause to be, type this in as seconds. In my example I'm pausing for 60 seconds. Let me know if this works.

Does the plugin have a field for " duration of pause"? It should be the second box down.

I am having the same issue, there isn't a "pause for duration" field in my window either.